A Valentine’s Day gift guide based on your love’s love language

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Whoever said you can’t buy love, didn’t learn their love’s love language, because you absolutely can buy love. You just need to know your partner’s needs that you need to satisfy. 

So, we made a list to make you look like you truly know and understand your S.O., while at the same time, supporting quality Canadian friendly businesses that have been curated by us, and are here to help us get lucky (wink face emoji) on the most romantic day of the year. 

Alright babes, the 5 languages of love are: 

  1. Physical Touch (a little hand-holding, cuddling, smooching, hair petting and some good old fashioned loving)
  2. Quality Time (you enjoy giving or receiving undivided attention, whether it’s deep conversations over dinner or long walks on the beach)
  3. Acts of Service (actions speak louder than words and you wanna show love through helpful gestures; anticipating needs, cooking a fancy dinner or noticing they are struggling with something and you go out of your way to think of them and solve that issue)
  4. Words of Affirmation (a little sweet talkin’ goes a long way and you wanna express love through praise and compliments)
  5. Gift Giving (you enjoy showering or getting showered with presents, big or small, simple or extravagant, because let’s be real, who doesn’t love a good surprise. These people only want to feel that you thought of them and prepared in advance to see them)

Physical Touch

Spa Day

Offer your undivided attention by having a full day of pampering at the Wedgewood Hotel in Downtown Vancouver.
After your massage you can spend your day there enjoying the sauna, spaces, and amenities. 

The Wedgewood is known for its private retreats dedicated to health and wellbeing. Basically, you can forget about the world as long as you stay inside. Beside being an oasis, fitness enthusiasts are fans too. They can get exclusive access to a superior workout facility.


Quality Time


Vancouver’s newest candle hype is on Studio Apartment. The candles go for $40. If you are avoiding the crowds and want to do a cozy home experience, make sure you check them out to add that je ne sais quoi to your home date night. We liked the gender-neutral fragrances and apparently the candles were created to inspire moments of connection, reflection, and well-being.



Gotham Steakhouse and Bar is an icon in the city. They have a cave-like design inside, that feels private, dangerous, and sneaky. You can spend the evening in a low-key place and celebrate with the Valentine’s Day Gotham’s drink, Lovers and Dreams $18.


A Weekend Bag

Taking your loved one on a surprise weekend getaway is about the sexiest thing ever.  That starts with a cute af weekend bag by Monos. Their Metro Weekender is the perfect gift to say “I can’t wait to spend undivided attention on you, while you travel in style and comfort. 


Words of Affirmation

Greeting Card

Not every gift has to be so extravagant. Maybe you’re newly dating and you just want to say “hey, I see you and I like you”. Local Boom has greeting cards that say the things you mean to, but in a funny and cute way.


Gift Giving


Jewelry is the most classic Valentine’s Day gift for a reason, women love it.  And Welleree is all quality with solid gold pieces to show them how much they mean to you. Get them a little something that will remind them every day that your heart is with them like the Corazon Necklace.


Natasha Cova-Mendoza


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