Uncover Japanese traditions with Sushi MAHANA’s exclusive Ōmisoka and Oshogatsu feasts offerings

In Japanese culture, marking the arrival of the new year with special foods and rituals is an important way to set the stage for growth and prosperity. North Vancouver’s acclaimed Sushi MAHANA will honour those traditions with two special dinner offerings as January begins: a New Year’s Eve Ōmisoka Dinner (December 31, 2023) and Oshogatsu New Year Feasts (January 3 to 6, 2024).

The Ōmisoka and Oshogatsu menus created by Head Chef Hiroshi Hoshiko and Sous Chefs Rika “Ghinn” Ginnaga and Bryce Morris will build on Sushi MAHANA’s renowned omakase dinner experience featuring Kyushu-style sushi — artfully using a variety of components to enhance the flavours in the fish — with distinctive components traditional to Japanese New Year’s celebrations that reflect the culinary excellence, symbolic meaning, and spirit of togetherness of the treasured meals.

Ōmisoka Dinner 

Taking place over two seatings on Sunday, December 31, Sushi MAHANA’s New Year’s Eve Ōmisoka Dinner will honour the Japanese custom of marking the last day of the year with a special meal and the century-long tradition of slurping a bowl of noodles. The toshikoshi (year-end) soba noodles, traditionally eaten as the temple bells ring at midnight, will be served at the end of the Ōmisoka dinner’s omakase sushi courses instead of the usual miso soup.

Additionally, the Ōmisoka dinner will include a course of awabi (abalone), which is often eaten on special occasions, served with a snowy sauce made from snow crab and egg white. Guests will also enjoy traditional O-toso, a sake that has been specially prepared by steeping a mixture of herbs in it for several hours and served in lacquered sake cups. The Japanese kanji characters for “toso” means “to slaughter the evil spirits”. By drinking O-toso, one can fend off illness and invite good health.

Oshogatsu Feast

As 2024 kicks off, Sushi MAHANA will introduce its New Year Oshogatsu Feasts. Offered from Wednesday, January 3, to Saturday, January 6, 2024, Oshogatsu translates to ”the first three days of the new year” and is considered Japan’s most important holiday.

Setting the tone for the joyous evenings, the Oshogatsu dinners will follow tradition by starting with a welcome O-toso sake drink, making a symbolic toast of gratitude for the past year and the shared hope for the one about to unfold. The Oshogatsu menu includes items like kazunoko (herring roe), representing blessings with the promise of new beginnings and the joy of children, kuromame (black soybeans) signifying good health and energy, and ko-haku namasu (pickled daikon and carrot), root vegetables that mean “to put down roots.” 

Sushi MAHANA’s Ōmisoka Dinner, offered December 31, 2023, and Oshogatsu New Year Feasts, offered January 3 to 6, 2024, at the restaurant’s regular 5:30 and 8:00 p.m. dining hours, are both priced at $250 per person, plus tax and gratuity. 

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