Trending travel destinations for a summer in Europe

hot air balloons in cappadocia turkey

Everyone and their dog have been in, are in, are going to be in Positano this summer – we get it.  After a crazy couple of years and restrictions, we’re all going insane to travel this summer and while Europe is always a hot destination for a summer abroad, it’s especially so this year. But in case you didn’t know, there are other hotspots other than Positano, so we’ve rounded up some other trendy destinations to consider visiting this summer. (according to the internet).

Amsterdam, Holland

Most people flock to the beaches in the summer, but beaches aren’t for everyone. If you’re looking for a great city vibe with endless things to do and see, Amsterdam is it. You can cruise the city through the canals or by bike to see the stunning, traditional architecture, museums, Anne Frank’s annex and obviously – the Red Light District.

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Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza is known as the party capital with the biggest DJs and musicians gracing the decks at Pasha, DC-10, Ushuaia, Amnesia, Hi and all the afters villa parties, but it has more identity than that.  With a renewed focus on art, wellness and (still) music, Ibiza will soon be more of a cultural destination and not just hardcore partying.

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Marbella, Spain

Nestled in the south of Spain, Marbella has always been a destination for celebs and millionaires thanks to its Michelin-starred restaurants, resorts, yachts, golf courses, designer boutiques, renaissance palaces and sandy beaches.  But thanks to the power of the internet and social media, more people are catching on to the lux beach town.

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Venice, Italy

There’s probably not much to have to sell about Venice – amazing food, canals, bridges, cathedrals, it’s probably the most unique city in the world, also it’s probably going to sink someday, so get there fast.  Just beware that the locals leave for the summer, so there are less cute shops to explore.

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Mykonos, Greece

Also probably not much to sell on this one – more amazing food, a blue sea, clean white architecture, the parties, the celebrities, everyone and their daddy will be there.

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Paris, France

After watching Emily scour all over Paris, the pandemic is finally over and all the fans can now have their moment, because Paris is reopen!  All of the museums, hotels, restaurants and galleries that make Paris so magical are buzzing again, so whether you need a summer abroad ala Serena and Blair or bask in the romantic city with a boo, Paris is always (and will always be) a great hotspot to visit.

Photo Cred | @thegingerwanderlust

French Riviera

If Drake can fan in St. Tropez, so can you. The glitz and glam is still alive in the south of France with Leo D season and all the other celebs looking to get be on a yacht in the Mediterranean surrounded by models.  Maybe you’re not rolling in Leo money, but the area still has a lot to offer from the most beautiful sandy beaches with more rosé than you can drink, to one of the most famous casinos in Monte-Carlo that will make you feel like you’re in a James Bond movie.

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Capri, Italy

The infamous island of Capri was the hotspot for old Hollywood in the ’50s, with stars like Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Elizabeth Taylor and Sophia Loren chilling in the summer on some of the most expensive yachts in the world. For good reason, it has the mountainous and colorful backdrops straight out of a postcard, an emerald ocean, exclusive beach clubs, incredible grottos and all the Italian food you could want.

Photo Cred | @ivanrubino

London, England

You can never go wrong with London, because London is always a vibe. From the warehouse parties to the posh rooftops to the shows, galleries, colorful flats and shopping, there’s always something happening on any given day or night in London. There are also direct flights from most major cities, which makes it an easy starting place.

Photo Cred | @bei.bei.wei

Algarve, Portugal

Portugal was always the little brother, overshadowed by his big brothers, Spain and France, until a few years ago when he had his growth spurt.  Now, Portugal is still a bit underrated, which makes it the perfect destination this summer to avoid the insanity.  Algarve is known for its insane beaches that will relight the flame in your soul. If you love outdoor activities like surfing, hiking, boating, exploring caves or just being at the beach, this is the spot. Or if you’re not, but interested in some of the freshest seafood and wandering a charming coastal European town, this is also the spot.

Photo Cred | @mynameiismark

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is known for the spot where ‘East meets West’, culturally. Istanbul separates Europe and Asia and having been run by 4 different empires, it is everything bundled up in an extremely beautiful, colorful and vibrant metropolitan city.  It’s an ancient place with so much history that you can see in all the buildings, mosques, churches, palaces and castles. The nightlife is also next to none, so you can dance off all the Turkish food you ate all day.

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Cappadocia, Turkey

You’ve seen the sea of hot air balloons on your feed and it’s because of Cappadocia.  Combine that with an insane landscape made up of volcanic rubble, which created a series of cliffs, spears, cones and fairy chimneys and you get the perfect backdrop to any activity and a pic worthy of Nat Geo.  The best part? Cave Hotels. Yes, you can actually stay at a hotel that’s been built into a cave.

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