Wellness retreats are leading travel trends in 2024 (and which are the best)

euphoria retreat Greece

2024’s ultimate escape plan: wellness retreats.

This is the year of prioritizing mental health, making wellness retreats the hottest travel trend. This year, it’s time to truly disconnect, recharge, and maybe, just maybe, find that inner peace you’ve been telling your therapist about. We’re not talking about your typical weekend spa getaway.  Oh no. We’re diving headfirst into the crème de la crème of wellness retreats around the globe that are so transformative, they might just make you forget your own name, let alone all the work you have piling up on your desk.

In 2024, the world’s best wellness retreats are turning the volume up on self-care, offering experiences that range from blissful solitude in remote island hideaways to holistic healing in the heart of the rainforest. Imagine meditating on a mountaintop as the sun rises, practicing yoga overlooking the vast expanse of the desert, or indulging in a therapeutic massage with a view of the rolling hills of a vineyard. These retreats aren’t just vacations; they’re gateways to a new you—a you who’s ready to tackle anything with zen-like calm and a rejuvenated spirit.

So pack your bags (and leave that laptop at home), because you’re about to embark on a journey to discover the ultimate in wellness that will reset your body, mind, and soul. From the exotic corners of Bali to the serene landscapes of Scandinavia, get ready to explore the most luxurious, soul-soothing escapes the world has to offer.

*Costs are per week

European + African Retreats

30 Arctic Bath Hotel, Sweden

Arctic Bath is one of the most unique hotels on this list, it’s a floating hotel on a river in the small village of Harads, Sweden.  The private cabins literally float on the river (or the ice in the winter) so you feel complete peace and tranquility.  There are also cabins in the trees for a different elemental experience.  The SPA practices the hot/cold routines with dry saunas, a steam sauna, outdoor jacuzzis and an open-air cold pool.  It’s also a prime spot to experience the Northern Lights in winter.

Cost | Starting at $4,500
Best time to go | Winter

Photo Cred | Viggo Lundberg

29 Lanserhof Sylt, Germany

Lanserhof Sylt is exactly what you would expect of a German wellness retreat and detox centre.. rigid.  And it works. This architectural masterpiece among the dunes of a small island in Germany is for those serious about detoxing because your week there consists of a process of medical testing, planning, fasting (not everyone), silent meal times, therapy, hypnosis and moving your body every day. But done in a magical building surrounded by nature by the sea.  Like something like a GOOP spa. The award-winning Lanserhof Concept is based on the valuable findings of naturopathy, energy medicine, psychology, psychoneuroimmunology, chronomedicine and modern cutting-edge medicine and has a thoroughly holistic approach.

Cost | Starting at $3,115
Best time to go | May – September

Photo Cred | https://lanserhof.com/en/lanserhof-sylt

28 Sianji Well-Being Resort, Turkey

A sanctuary where tranquility meets rejuvenation, this retreat in Antalya embodies the pinnacle of holistic wellness. With its breathtaking panoramic views of the Aegean Sea, Sianji offers an immersive experience designed to invigorate mind, body, and spirit. Their tailored detox programs and yoga sessions on pristine beaches is enough reason, but then there are also organic meals, therapeutic spa treatments, and embrace a ton of fitness activities set against a picturesque backdrop to really get that R+R in.

Cost | Starting at $1,437
Best time to go | Spring – fall

thermal pool at sianji
Photo Cred | https://sianjilife.com/en/

27 Yeotown Madeira, Portugal

Madeira is dubbed the Hawaii of Europe with crystal clear waters, breath-taking mountains and views for days. The island retreat of Yeotown Madeira follows a schedule of inspiring activities set with all that nature as your backdrop.  The activities schedule is packed with mountain hikes, daily yoga, breath and movement work at sunset, functional fitness sessions, meditation, a healthy cooking session, cold water plunges under a waterfall, forest bathing, swimming, and massages to recover from all of that.  The 5 day/5 night stay is all inclusive with healthy meals, fresh juices, smoothies, teas and tonics (just no coffee or alcohol.. for detox reasons).

Cost | Starting at $3,117 (all-inclusive)
Best time to go | Anytime

surfing at yeotown, madeira
Photo Cred | @yeotown

26 Palazzo Fiuggi, Italy

Discover the epitome of rejuvenation at Palazzo Fiuggi resort in Italy, where ancient holistic traditions seamlessly intertwine with cutting-edge Western medicine, transcending mere symptom treatment to encompass the complete revitalization of body, mind, and spirit. Your journey begins with a bespoke program meticulously crafted to deliver tangible results (based on what you’re looking for) through tailored treatments using the Palazzo Fiuggi Method. The method integrates their own practices using, their renowned Fiuggi Water, celebrated for its miraculous healing properties, Michelin-starred meals using the best nutrition our planet has to offer, a world-class spa to immerse yourself in a sanctuary designed to optimize both physical and mental wellbeing, using medical and holistic therapies, meticulously crafted to align with your objectives, whether it’s for weight loss, detox or to live a longer and healthier life. All set in an Italian fort.

Cost | Starting at $4,550 (all-inclusive)
Best time to go | Anytime

Palazzo Fiuggi
Photo Cred | https://www.palazzofiuggi.com/

25 SHA Wellness Clinic, Alicante, Spain

The SHA Wellness Clinic is the place to go if you want to feel like a pampered celeb, while getting your whole body and soul rejuvenated.  Their mission is to help you achieve and maintain an optimal state of health, so that you can enjoy your full physical, mental and spiritual potential.  Which means, they use a whole integrative method, combining medical sciences, natural therapies, healthy and balanced nutrition and even advanced aesthetics to keep it all looking as good as it feels.  So you can add on dental, body work and facials to your detox program. The minimal residences are made for the best and most peaceful sleep with grounding tools, the pools and jacuzzis overlook the ocean and there are tons of activities on the property or in the area.

Cost | Starting at $5,000 (all-inclusive)
Best time to go | Anytime

girl standing by infinity pool at sha wellness
Photo Cred | https://shawellness.com/en/

24 SixSenses Ibiza, Spain

The luxurious haven of SixSenses in Ibiza, seamlessly blends the island’s vibrant energy of culture, music, art, fashion and wellness, with a serene oasis of rejuvenation. Picture-perfect vistas of the Mediterranean Sea set the backdrop for a holistic journey and Ibiza’s infamous mansions, pool suites and beachfront caves create the setting for deep spiritual experiences. From sunrise yoga sessions overlooking the azure waters to bespoke spa treatments using locally sourced ingredients, every aspect of Six Senses Ibiza is meticulously crafted to nurture the body, mind, and soul. You’ll get to indulge in organic farm-to-table cuisine at the resort’s exquisite restaurants with flavors that not only tantalize the taste buds, but also promote overall well-being. With a ton of immersive wellness experiences from sound healing sessions and cacao ceremonies to sunset cruises and movie nights under the stars, Six Senses Ibiza promises an unforgettable retreat where relaxation and fun intertwine seamlessly.

Cost | Starting at $3,900
Best time to go | Anytime

the beach pools at SixSenses Ibiza
Photo Cred | https://www.sixsenses.com/en/resorts/ibiza/

23 The Body Camp, Mallorca, Spain

Central to the ethos of The Body Camp lies its renowned Full Immersion Programme, meticulously crafted by none other than Europe’s leading transformational coach, Ricki Parcell. Here, the focus isn’t just on fitness, it’s also meant to be fun. A holistic journey that blends workouts, camaraderie, nutritional wisdom, and introspective chats.  Picture yourself embarking on exhilarating hikes, pedaling through scenic bike rides, and engaging in spirited pool games—all while forging connections with fellow participants and expert therapists at your beck and call to rejuvenate your body and spirit. Through dedicated participation, you’ll shatter barriers, form deep bonds, and transcend self-imposed limitations, emerging with newfound strength and a revitalized sense of self. The program includes fun activities like boxing, circuits, hikes, TRX, cycling, pool games, team games, challenges, treasure hunts, fitness testing, weight training and even games and quizzes.  Their plant-based menu won’t starve you as you’ll get to eat 5 times per day and all drinks, teas, and protein shakes are included.  Mindfulness classes will help you work on on habits, relationships, goal setting, growth, addictions, mental health, open discussion, letter writing, forward planning and aftercare. They even have a WhatsApp group to Body Camp community to stay connected with like-minded people.

Cost | Starting at $2,330
Best time to go | April – August

group of people in the ocean at body camp mallorca
Photo Cred | https://thebodycamp.com/

22 Clinique La Prairie, Switzerland

The Swiss Clinique La Prairie retreat has been around since 1931, so they basically pioneered medical wellness destinations.  Much like Lanserhof, Clinique La Prairie is more of a holistic and medical-forward clinic for longevity, detoxing, revitalising and general balancing, than a ‘chill by the pool’ kind of retreat.  There are four foundational pillars for their treatments: medical care, wellness, nutrition, and movement.  The schedule is so gruelling that they have an app to help you track it, but you’ll get delicious anti-inflammatory meals in between and the views of the Swiss Alps and Lake Geneva will stun and take your breath away.  Each program includes accommodation in room or suite, access to the wellness area and limo service.

Cost | Starting at $13,000 (all-inclusive)
Best time to go | Spring – fall

Clinique La Prairie Switzerland
Photo Cred | @cliniquelaprairie

21 Stanglwirt Green Spa Resort, Austria

We were highly influenced on Stanglwirt by the Foster Sisters who couldn’t stop raving about how it changed their lives (or at least summer).  The family-run resort has been around since the 1700s and is a whole world of its own.  The cozy, minimal and nature-inspired rooms are just the beginning, the resort houses not only a spa, but a sauna complex (with 8 different stone saunas and steam baths), a water world (with a saltwater pool, natural swimming lake, rock pool, sports pool and a waterfall grotto), a fitness garden, yoga classes and about every sport including skiing and tennis. That’s a mouthful but it doesn’t stop there. They host parties, they also have their own organic farm, natural water spring AND it’s set against a green and mountainous backdrop.

Cost | Starting at $1,190
Best time to go | Anytime

Stanglwirt Spa
Photo Cred | @stanglwirt

20 Euphoria Retreat, Greece

Euphoria Retreat is a unique spa in that it blends Greek and Chinese healing traditions. It aims to bring guests to a state of happiness, following the ancient Greek idea of a joyful life. The spa’s philosophy revolves around the five elements – water, wood, fire, earth, and metal. They offer personalized treatments, combining traditional wisdom with modern science for a whole mind, body, soul connection that help rest, nourish, heal, connect and renew your spirit.  The Spa building’s immaculate architectural design is influenced by the monastic architecture of Mystras city, a UNESCO Heritage site. Whether you want to delve into ancient Greek culture, explore nature, or simply relax, Euphoria Retreat provides a special space for healing and self-discovery.

Cost | Starting at $1,624
Best time to go | Anytime

euphoria retreat Greece
Photo Cred | https://www.euphoriaretreat.com/

19 The LifeCo Wellbeing Akra Antalya, Turkey

The LifeCo Akra Antalya Center offers a transformative journey with result-oriented options in healthy nutrition and detox programs. Immerse yourself in a sanctuary where an array of therapies, a thoughtfully crafted nutrition plan, and a serene atmosphere converge to revitalize your essence, while enhancing your digestion, getting radiant skin, a turbocharged metabolism, fortified immunity, a newfound sense of lightness, and a purified gut.  Their Master Cleanse is the most popular program and is very potent, with a no chewing regimen of juice and smoothie fasting, designed to expel toxins quickly.  Among the physical benefits, their mission is also to provide the knowledge on “how to live a healthy and happy lifestyle”, which we’re all for.  The all-inclusive cost cover: accommodation, nutrition plan, supplements, doctor consultation, detox consultation, body composition analysis, oxygen therapy, colon cleansing, infrared sauna, morning walks, yoga and meditation sessions, health talks and raw vegan workshops.

Cost | Starting at $3,700 (all-inclusive)
Best time to go | April – May, September – October

massage room in outdoor spa
Photo Cred | @thelifeco

18 Zuri Zanzibar, Tanzania

Zuri means beautiful, which is exactly what Zuri Zanzibar is.  The eco-chic boutique resort nestled between the jungle and the ocean in the heart of Tanzania is tropical sanctuary surrounded by beautiful gardens where you can really check out and feel at peace.  There are tons of activities to choose from whether you’re into yoga or meditation, swimming in the pool or chilling on the beach, walks through the Spice Garden or working out in their “wild fitness” outdoor gym or the indoor gym. The spa is also equipped with massage rooms, jacuzzis and tanning beds for some extra relaxation.

Cost | Starting at $3,270 (all-inclusive options)
Best time to go | June – October

sunset in a hotel room at zuri zanzibar
Photo Cred | https://www.zurizanzibar.com/

17 Amanjena, Morocco

Amanjena means “peaceful paradise” and we couldn’t agree more.  The over-the-top lux resort in Marrakech is exactly what you’d want out of a Moroccan wellness destination. Pink clay walls, arches and curves and turquoise reflecting pool in the centre of it all, is like it’s already covered with the orange and teal filter.  Their wellness programs are designed to transform you, whether you choose the three-day spa journey (a guided sensory journey with touch and sound, to eliminate stress and release tension), the half and full-day retreats (with a relaxing yoga or energising fitness session, a body scrub and wrap, a full body massage and a rejuvenating facial) or the tennis clinics, you’ll be feeling like a new person when it’s over.

Cost | Starting at $7,170 (breakfast included)
Best time to go | September – November, March – April

living room in maison of amanjena morocco resort
Photo Cred | https://www.aman.com/resorts/amanjena

16 Zulal Wellness Resort, Qatar

A secluded oasis, between desert and beach on Qatar’s northern tip, the Zulal Wellness Resort is as private of a destination for your wellness journey as it gets.  The resort sits on almost 70 acres and hosts an impressive amount of activities.  Zulal blends Traditional Arabic and Islamic Medicine (TAIM) for holistic healing, whether you’re looking for a weight loss program, aesthetics or a calming program for relief from stress and burnout.  They also use the latest in wellbeing technology like genomic testing, to create a personalized lifestyle plan for your needs.  You can take advantage of fitness classes, cooking classes, candlelit dinners, energy-based therapy sessions and of course, a hammam with ayurvedic treatments on the property

Cost | Starting at $3,020
Best time to go | Fall – spring

Zulal wellness retreat
Photo Cred | @zulalwellnessresort

Asian Retreats

15 Kamalaya, Koh Samui, Thailand

Buddhist monks have been going to Koh Samui, one of Thailand’s most beautiful islands, for its healing energy forever.  Kamalaya was founded out of a need for healing and has since given that power to so many, including many returning guests year after year.  The resort offers programs, but you can also just chill and enjoy the sanctuary and activities. The wellness programs start at a very light commitment with basic daily fitness classes or a yoga getaway and go all the way up to Comprehensive Detox and Wellbeing Sabbatical, where you work with a team and receive treatments like counseling sessions, meditation, different therapies and a lot of healing ayurvedic massages.

Cost | Starting at $2,540
Best time to go | November – September

yoga hut at kamalaya koh samui
Photo Cred | https://kamalaya.com/

14 Fivelements, Bali, Indonesia

Bali is known for being a place of healing, so naturally, Fivelements focuses on a holistic approach to tune-in on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels and allow the healing process to naturally unfold.  The Panca Mahabhuta Retreat is their signature program that comprises Balinese Healing (rituals for purification, balancing + regeneration), Plant-based Cuisine (for life invigoration) and the practice of Sacred Arts (for inner strength, alignment + dedication).  The program includes: 5 nights accommodation, healing meals, morning yoga, meditation, Yin Yoga with sound healing, mindfulness session, rice field village walk, private energy healing session, Heaven scent aroma massage, bathing ritual, journey to Holy Water Spring, fire blessing ritual and access to the gym.

Cost | Starting at $1,360 (breakfast included)
Best time to go | April – October

room at fiveelements bali
Photo Cred | https://fivelementsbali.com/

13 Joali Being, Maldives

Imagine having a whole island to be completely free of any distraction or negative thought? That’s what Joali Being is, a wellness resort island in the Maldives where every inch is inventive and inspiring to enhance reflection, movement, and growth. Whether you’re looking for stillness or an energetic workout, there are many programs to choose from.  The programs range from stress recovery and digestive reset to anti-ageing and energy replenishment and are centred around the Four Pillars: Mind, Skin, Microbiome and Energy. Each day you’ll receive a variety of healing therapies and massages and while you’re not at the spa, you can experience the Discovery Sound Path, or dip into the Hydrotherapy Hall or relax in your own private pool in your room while floating over the ocean.

Cost | Starting at $11,400
Best time to go | December – April

Floating huts at Joali Being Maldives
Photo Cred | @joalibeing

12 Ananda, India

Ananda Resort is India’s top Ayurvedic retreat offering a blend of traditional practices with international wellness standards for a spiritual awakening. Nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas, the resort is your ultimate escape into a world of holistic wellness and luxury, tailor-made for those who seek to detox, de-stress, and rejuvenate away from the clamor of city life. This isn’t just any retreat; it’s an experience meticulously crafted around the ancient practices of Ayurveda, Yoga, and Vedanta combined with the best of international wellness experiences. Imagine starting your day with a sunrise yoga session overlooking the mystical Ganges, followed by personalized Ayurvedic treatments that detoxify and nourish your body, and ending with meditation sessions that bring peace to your mind and soul. At Ananda, wellness isn’t just an activity; it’s the very essence of your stay. Indulge in organic, farm-to-table cuisine that’s as delicious as it is nourishing, engage in guided nature walks, and soak in the spiritual aura of nearby holy towns. Ananda isn’t just a getaway; it’s a transformative journey that recalibrates your body, mind, and spirit, making it a must-visit for anyone serious about embracing the ultimate wellness lifestyle.

Cost | Starting at $6,800 (all-inclusive)
Best time to go | October – April

a woman meditating at ananda resort in india
Photo Cred | https://www.anandaspa.com/

American + Caribbean Retreats

11 Arcana, Canada

Canada’s self-guided wellness lodge, hidden in the middle of the Muskoka lake is the perfect spot for big city dwellers to just away and get back to themselves.   The resort offers an experience that encourages exploration of both the natural environment and the self.  The site is like camping in the woods, but with beautiful log cabins, access to fresh water, private trails, and greenspace, a hydrotherapy circuit, listening room, wifi and all the time in the world to sleep, rest and recover.

Cost | Starting at $5,600
Best time to go | May – September

a wooden hot tub beside a lake at arcana resort
Photo Cred | https://findarcana.com/

10 Clayoquot Wilderness Lodge

Head into the secluded wilderness for the ultimate glamping retreat.  The Clayoquot Wilderness Lodge is located at the heart of Vancouver Island’s UNESCO-designated Clayoquot Sound Biosphere Reserve and is home to some of the last remaining ancient temperate rainforests in the world.  Rest easy in bougie canvas tents that have private decks and heated bathroom floors and some even have outdoor cedar showers and cast-iron stoves.  Your daily itinerary of nature-based adventures are personally created for you and include canoeing, kayaking, horseback riding, canyoning, hiking, boating, rock climbing, yoga and of course there’s the spa and fitness studio.  Clayoquot’s Healing Grounds Spa fully embraces the healing powers of nature with a waterfront massage tent, a wood-fired cedar sauna, and deep cedar hot tubs and therapies using local seaweed and glacial clay.

Cost | Starting at $2,200 (all-inclusive)
Best time to go | May – September

front porch at clayoquot wilderness lodge
Photo Cred | https://clayoquotwildernesslodge.com

9 Miraval Austin, USA

In a unique city like Austin, you would only expect a unique health and wellness spa and that’s exactly what Miraval is.  Miraval’s main philosophy is making it a journey with an intention, so you’re not just wasting your time hanging around, but getting everything out of the resort that you need.  Their website offers a fun quiz in case you don’t know what your intention is, to help guide you in the direction of what makes the most sense for you. From there, you can choose from spa treatments, activities like yoga, meditation, fitness classes, hiking and even equine therapy, or just to chill out on the beautiful uber minimalistic grounds. The resort is all inclusive (except alcohol) so you’ll never have to pull out your wallet or phone (turn your OOO on and phone off).

Cost | Starting at $7,650 (all-inclusive)
Best time to go | Anytime

Entrance to Miraval Austin
Photo Cred | @miravalaustin

8 Ojai Valley Inn, USA

A lot of people travel from all over the world to the Ojai Valley for its mystical powers, peaceful energy and ‘Pink Moment’, when the sunset turns bright pink over the Topatopa bluffs.  Many of them to also reap the benefits of the Ojai Valley Inn resort. The iconic, Spanish-style inn has been around since 1923 and have nailed the wellness experience, whether you want to be active or just relax.  There’s  just about any activity to choose from that you could possibly think of, from the obvious ones – hanging by the pool, hiking, biking, golf, yoga, eating and drinking and spa treatments, to the not so obvious ones like beekeeping, games nights, master cooking classes, reiki energy healing and different arts and crafts for adults.  It might also be the only retreat on this list with Michelin-star restaurants on site at their Farmhouse.  The Ojai Valley Inn’s good vibes are conveniently only 90 mins from Los Angeles, making it an easier spot to get to.

Cost | Starting at $6,070
Best time to go | Anytime

Ojai Valley Inn spa
Photo Cred | https://www.ojaivalleyinn.com/

7 The Ranch Malibu, USA

It wouldn’t be a wellness list without including The Ranch Malibu, which is basically known as THE celebrity detox spot.  Most people go to The Ranch to get back in track with diet, weight and get slim and trim and feeling mentally clear due to their rigid-adjacent daily schedule.  Mornings start with stretching, breakfast and then a 4-hour hike through the Santa Monica mountains.  After lunch is nap time (sign us up!), strength training, yoga and a massage, then there’s some free time and dinner.  Once a week, there’s a 60-min sound bath and infrared and cryotherapy saunas are available to enhance your experience.  The meals provided are all organic and created to reduce inflammation and nourish the body.  The program allows you to connect with nature’s healing elements along with experiencing more unique modalities including a mid-week, 60-minute sound bath.

Cost | Starting at $7,600 (all-inclusive)
Best time to go | Anytime

pool at the ranch malibu
Photo Cred | https://theranchmalibu.com/

6 CIVANA Wellness Resort, USA

Since CIVANA Wellness Resort & Spa is located in Carefree, Arizona, you know exactly what you’re going to get – carefree.  With the Sonoran Desert backdrop, complimentary bikes, all kinds of classes from aerial yoga, breathwork, aqua therapy, journaling to mala making, mixology and gratitude circles, on top of pools and patios to chill out, you’ll be feeling the carefree vibes real fast.  Their spa oasis is designed for complete relaxation and self-improvement by focusing on healing through water.  A hydrotherapy thermal circuit of hot and cold pools, cool waterfall shower and sanarium for humidity and heat from within give you both physical and energetic benefits so you’re extra relaxes going into your treatments.  CIVANA offers the options to just go and relax or get the all-inclusive with meals, drinks and 1 treatment per day.

Cost | Starting at $5,000
Best time to go | Anytime (lower rates in the summer)

stone meditation at civana resort in arizona
Photo Cred | https://civanacarefree.com/

Latin Retreats

5 Yaan Healing Sanctuary, Mexico

Tucked in the jungle side at the end of Tulum’s famed beach, you’ll find Yaan Healing Sanctuary. The healing centre was designed to do just that – heal – your mind, body and spirit through the use of the natural elements.  While they offer your standard massages and facials, they also offer unique and traditional Mexican therapies that bring in the use of herbs, sacred copal, instruments and Aztec floral oils that help cleanse, release, detox and nurture holistically. On top of body treatments, there are also energy and vibrational healing through ceremonies and rituals like the popular Temazcal Ceremony, which is a mind and spirit deep cleanse experience in a Temazcal, aka a traditional Mexican sweat lodge.  When you’re not in a treatment, you can relax in one of the pools that uses natural cenote waters (a natural sinkhole found in the Yucatan) that have been purified, get sweaty in the dry sauna or experience one of the copper bathtubs with salts and essences, plus fresh herbs and flowers from the rooftop garden.  The sanctuary is attached to Be Tulum, but they don’t offer packages together.

Cost | Packages start at $305/day
Best time to go | Anytime

indoor pool at yaan healing sanctuary in tulum
Photo Cred | @yaanhealingsanctuary

4 Nayara Springs, Costa Rica

Immerse yourself in the epitome of wellness escapism at Costa Rica’s Nayara Springs Resort, a hidden gem tucked away in the jungles of the Arenal Volcano National Park. This adults-only sanctuary is where luxury meets nature, offering a rejuvenating retreat for the soul with its famed thermal springs, exclusive plunge pools, and a spa that whispers the ancient secrets of rainforest rejuvenation. Imagine waking up to the symphony of tropical birds and sloths slothing, spending your mornings practicing yoga amidst the canopy of towering trees, and indulging in treatments that utilize the healing powers of volcanic mud and locally sourced cocoa – yes, it’s the kind of wellness you didn’t know existed but now can’t live without. Nayara Springs is not just a stay; it’s a journey back to your most vibrant self, all set against the backdrop of Costa Rica’s breathtaking natural beauty. Whether you’re looking to detox, reconnect, or simply soak in the pura vida lifestyle, Nayara Springs promises an unparalleled experience that will leave you not just refreshed, but profoundly transformed.

Cost | Starting at $4,500 (breakfast included)
Best time to go | May – June, November – December

girl sitting on a patio with breakfast in front of an outdoor pool
Photo Cred | @nayararesorts

3 Willka T’ika, Peru

Nestled between the enigmatic peaks of Cusco and the legendary ruins of Machu Picchu, Willka T’ika is your ultra-luxe gateway to the Sacred Valley’s ancient Incan magic. This isn’t just any retreat—it’s a full-on sensory explosion, wrapped up in a boutique hotel vibe that’s as chic as it is soul-nourishing. Picture a sanctuary where ancient Andean spirituality meets modern luxury wellness.  The retreat is all about diving deep into the heart of the Andes, with garden suites that looks like the garden of Eden with vibrant flowers, age-old trees, and an arsenal of local herbs and medicinal plants that the Incan gods themselves would envy. And let’s talk amenities—ever dreamt of a crystal healing bed? That’s what you get. Andean massages that’ll untangle every knot of city life? Check. Hot solar baths that smell like heaven thanks to fragrant garden flowers? You bet. You’ll be treated to a feast of organic gourmet vegetarian cuisine, soul-pampering Andean spa services, genuine Andean rituals, and VIP tours to off-the-beaten-path Incan sites for full wellness experience.

Cost | Starting at $1,260
Best time to go | May – September

living room at willka t'ika peru
Photo Cred | @willkatikaperu

Unique Retreats

2 The Yogi Surfer, Morocco

Moroccan food, surfing and yoga? Sign us up.  The Yogi Surfer’s boutique hotel and villa in Taghazout is located in the surf capital of Morocco.  Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, the instructors will take you to the best secret spots for you to improve your skills. There are also sunrise and sunset yoga classes you can join to start or wind down your day. Then in the evening, everyone eats traditional Moroccan meals together like all the dips, tajine and couscous.  Other than hanging at the best beaches in Africa, there are tons of cool activities to do in Taghazout as well like sand surfing, hiking, hammams.

Cost | Starting at $280/night ($1,960)
Best time to go | September – April

pool area of the yogi surfer hotel in taghazout morocco
Photo Cred | https://theyogisurfer.com/

1 Mountain Trek, Canada

Sometimes a wellness journey isn’t all about relaxation, rejuvenation and treatments, sometimes it’s about pushing yourself to limits you never knew and that’s Mountain Trek. This exhilarating journey in the rugged wilderness of Canada’s breathtaking mountain ranges offers a harmonious blend of outdoor adventure and rejuvenating wellness experiences. Immerse yourself in invigorating (and very long) hikes through towering forests and majestic peaks, where every step brings you closer to a profound connection with nature. Led by experienced guides, each trek is carefully curated to challenge both body and mind, while fostering a deep sense of serenity and mindfulness. After an exhilarating day on the trails, unwind in luxurious accommodations designed to promote relaxation and renewal. Indulge in gourmet, locally-sourced cuisine tailored to nourish and energize, while holistic wellness activities such as yoga and meditation sessions provide the perfect balance to your adventure-filled days. At Mountain Trek, wellness isn’t just a destination—it’s a transformative journey that leaves you feeling detoxed, rebalanced, recharged, and deeply connected to the awe-inspiring beauty of the wilderness.

Cost | Starting at $6,700 (all-inclusive)
Best time to go | April – October

bedroom view at Mountain Trek in Canada
Photo Cred | https://www.mountaintrek.com/

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