Toronto now has a spa that is specifically for your teeth

Nobody likes going to the dentist, so picture this instead: you get to your dental appointment, but instead of a cold, bright and sterile looking building, you’re in a beautifully decorated and soothing space.  You’re greeted with a warm towel, set the tone with your own music, essential oils fill the room, you debate between salted caramel or mint paste and leave with bergamot sandalwood facial mist and a lip mask as you walk out.  #gamechanger

Yes, you read that right. Paste Dental, a new boutique  dental space in Toronto, allows you to experience so much more than your typical dental office.

Unique to Paste, their dental enamel detailing service is the ultimate facial for your teeth. They leave behind the traditional cleaning methods which can be extremely unpleasant and instead replace them with elevated state-of-the-art practices equipped to be more gentle and effective. This includes noise-cancelling headphones!

The cleaning service uses an air-brushed method which gently removes biofilm, stain, plaque and calculus with just air, water and an antibacterial powder. It also cleans and polishes your teeth using the erythritol and Chlorhexidine powder. Akin to a facial for your teeth.

Unlike traditional cleanings, the medicinal ingredients continue working inside your mouth even after you leave, which means this is truly a treatment for your teeth.

In addition to Paste Dental’s enamel detailing service,  they also offer Invisalign, cosmetic bonding, implants, veneers, general clean-ups and general dentistry.

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