Top 10 trending domestic and international travel destinations from Canada

After enduring months of chilly winter weather, the arrival of this season beckons travelers to venture outdoors to enjoy the blooming flowers and warmer temperatures with a refreshing holiday escape.

Cozycozy, the world’s largest accommodation search platform, has gathered the top trending domestic and international destinations for Canadian travelers, to spark inspiration for their spring vacation.

International Destinations

This Spring, Canadians are flocking to the Caribbean Islands for some sunshine. At the top of trending destinations are tropical cities like Varadero, Cuba, Montego Bay, Jamaica and Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

This is a slight change from 2022, when travelers were more drawn to Mexico for a sunny vacation, visiting Cancún, Playa del Carmen and Puerto Vallarta. Without a doubt, Canadian tourists are in search of warm destinations for the Spring season, whether it be in the Caribbean or Mexico.

Canadian Destinations

The Quebec region has become a trending Spring destination for Canadian travelers seeking to explore closer to home, in contrast to last year’s preference for the Ontario area, with Toronto and Mississauga topping the list.

This year, cities such as St-Raymond, Dorval, and Quebec City are emerging as first choice locations, enticing visitors with their charming architecture, cobblestone streets and stunning natural scenery.

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