North America’s first ever largest halal food tour is happening right now

The first-ever Halal Ribfest is making its way across North America this summer, kicking off in Vancouver from June 2nd – 4th.

The festival offers a wide range of halal international cuisines, live entertainment, cooking competitions, influencer meets and greets, carnival rides, shopping stalls, and other activities.

Each city visited will be able to showcase its unique cultural mosaic and bring the community together. International barbecues and food trucks offering a variety of halal dishes from different parts of the world will be featured.

With over 100 Ribfest occurring annually in North America, the Halal Ribfest is the first to cater to the needs of the Muslim community and empower them to enjoy experiences such as this one for the first time.

“North America is multicultural and diverse with over 250 ethnicities representing from around the globe. Our traditions, values, and lifestyles mesh together to create a cultural mosaic. We are home to over 5 million Muslims. Our objective is to showcase the unique Halal flavors through an authentic “Halal” experience,” the organization states as its objective.

Adding to the excitement, the tour will also feature a star-studded lineup of entertainers, such as MC Boona Mohammed, performers such as Safa Adams, Siedd, Ilyas Mao, Essam, and the Jannah Family. Influencers from all cities will also be present to help support this exciting festival’s debut in their cities – even Youtube sensation Zia Tabarak will be traveling from Pakistan to attend the festivities. There will also be activities for kids to join in on the fun, including magic shows, a fire show, inflatables, and more. With an even more impressive list of activities, this year’s festival is sure to surpass expectations and be a hit with audiences everywhere.

The tour is traveling to 20 cities across Canada and the US and is expected to touch over half a million individuals.

Cost | $10
When | June 2nd – October 8th
Where | Various cities
Website | Instagram

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