This functional Transformer Table will optimize your apartment into a cozy space

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We’re spending more time at home than ever before now that working from home is permanent for some workers. Yet, Vancouver apartments are still small and not the most conducive to this new lifestyle.  Trying to make a small space cozy, while having too much furniture to accommodate the WFH life is tough (we know) and all we want this season is peace and coziness.

Fortunately, we found a solution in the form of this Canadian brand that makes functional tables.  Enter: Transformer Table.  Just like the transformer toys you used to play with as a kid, this compact console will grow into your full-sized office desk and dining table and then back again all in a day.

A table that grows with our needs is exactly what we need in a city like this.  It starts as a stylish and sleek hallway console that you can throw your mail and keys on. Then,just like the toy, it transforms into a full-size work desk that you can spread out your computers or papers on, and then into a dining table for dinner or hosting friends and family – with no extra storage space needed.  The ultimate life hack for those who can’t accommodate a lot of furniture, but want to make their space their cozy sanctuary.

From employee, to parent, to pet parent, to hobby starter, to hosting a home get together, to date-night dinners, to feeling cozy-at-home on the weekends with no work stuff around us, this single product can help our mental health and overall peace.

2023 is out with chaos and in with peace and that means working smarter, not harder.  Optimization is a priority, and smarter is having a sleek, versatile, eco-conscious and space-saving piece of furniture like this Transformer Table.   Say less.

Plus, for a limited time, you can also get up to $1,170 off their web prices. Use coupon code POPULIST100 for an additional $100 discount.

You can check out all the different styles and options here:

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