The Rocky Mountaineer is the Number 1 most instagrammable train journey in the world

a woman inside a glass train taking a photo of the rocky mountains outside

It’s no surprise that the beautiful Rocky Mountains are a hot attraction, but now it’s been confirmed by the most important source of beauty.. social media. And with international travel being restricted, how lucky could we be that their right in our very own backyard??  Club Med released a study of the most instagrammable and luxurious train trips around the glove and the Rocky Mountaineer train that passes through from Vancouver to Banff, is the Number 1 most aesthetic train journey in. the. world!

Club Med’s study rounded up the best luxury train destinations in terms of reviews, ticket price and sights you’ll see – they also pulled social rankings and here’s the list of the top trains to travel on:

ranking of top luxury trains in the world

In 1st place journey is the Rocky Mountaineer scoring 83 out of 100. The Canadian Rockies and the remote vistas of Canada’s West is the best train journey for social media. Coming in 3rd, is VIA Rail’s The Canadian at 78, which goes across the country from Vancouver to Toronto.

With travel restrictions, more and more people are starting to explore locally and what better way than relaxing and enjoying a front row, scenic trip. The panoramic glass dome coaches of the Rocky Mountaineer ensure you’ll never miss a thing, while you’re served food and drinks to your comfy seat. Not even a Tesla can do that.


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