The sober curious movement is taking over Coachella and here’s what you need to know

the new bar at coachella

First Coachella weekend is down and if you’re already sick of seeing #coachella all over your feed, get ready for the second weekend incoming.  The start of festival season is here and this year, it’s looking a bit different.  818 is getting some competition from the non-alc community ala #soberchella as a Los Angeles bottle shop became the first non-alcoholic retail partner for the festival.

Music festivals like are usually known for their alcohol-fueled party scenes, but recently, some (like Coachella) have started to shift away from this image, thanks to non-alc shop The New Bar.

Coachella, one of the world’s largest music festivals, has been making waves in the industry with its innovative approach to alcohol sales. The festival debuted “The New Bar,” an alcohol-free bar that serves non-alcoholic beer, wine, ready-to-drink mocktails and functional drinks like Hiyo, Hop Wtr, Kin and Seedlip. It’s a concept that is designed to appeal to festival-goers who are looking for a different kind of experience than the typical boozy party scene.

More than just a bar, The New Bar is a whole social and community-based experience with interactive art installations, live music performances, and other activities that are meant to encourage social interaction.

The sober-curious movement has been growing in popularity thanks to Gen Zers looking to feel better physically, mentally and emotionally and feel more in control of their lives, so The New Bar has been a huge hit with Coachella attendees, praising it as a welcome change from the traditional festival scene.

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