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The Populist is the insider's guide to what's happening in all the international cities.
The most popular lists to explore where to stay, what to eat and where to party.
For both tourists and locals who want to know their city better.


The Populist was created in 2015 in Vancouver, Canada as a visual city guide to inspire and bring people together through the best food, entertainment and like-minded lifestyles.
Almost a decade and a pandemic later, the world has changed and is much more nomadic, so instead of focusing on just one city - we're hanging out in all of them. Wherever the fun is, The Populist is there to show you the best things to do.
We want to inspire everyone to enjoy life to its fullest.

THE CREW (Yin-Yang)

The girls of Populist posing for a photo

Rebecca Traub
CEO | Producer

Rebecca founded Populist over a dinner in Dublin with associates, as she turned from telling stories in Film and Television to digital. After having seen a huge gap in communication in Vancouver, she wanted to help make this no-fun city, fun and welcoming. Rebecca leads the strategic direction, content creation and marketing.
Rebecca grew up in the Film and TV Industry and was subjected to the magic from a young age.
She heads the Canadian division of UK’s TV production company Straywave Media.
Gypsy of the world, she loves new cultures and cities.

Contact: rebecca@thisispopulist.com

Blanca Blandon
Community Manager

Blanca is the Community Manager and founding member of Populist. She oversees all things social, creative and community. She’s the Queen B Poster, Go-Getter and All Things Lovely.
As a broadcast journalist and former news producer, she has a voice and commands it to be heard through telling stories. The more wine involved, the more creative she gets.
She loves to write, travel, eat, drink and meet new people.

Contact: blanca@thisispopulist.com


At The Populist Media, we believe in expression, where all ideas are shared and accepted openly. Everyone has the right to be themselves and express themselves, as this enriches us all. We don't discriminate or believe people are more or lesser than. We believe everyone is beautiful just the way they are and it is our differences that not only make us what we are, but help us all to learn and grow. We promote diversity and equal opportunity for all people. We don't judge people for age, gender, gender, race, religion or belief, sexual orientation, relationship status, parental status or disability.

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