Tacofino launches exciting new breakfast menu

Get ready to mix up your morning routine, because Tacofino has been up early cooking something new for a breakfast table near you.

Starting January 15th, Tacofino Kits, Hastings, Oasis, and Squamish will offer a new 13-item breakfast menu from 8am daily. The menu includes unique tacos, burritos, appetizers, and coffees, as Tacofino aims to revolutionize your breakfast with their bold flavors.

The all-new menu includes four appies, highlighted by the Loaded Breakfast Tots, three new tacos including a Chorizo and Egg Taco and a Potato and Egg Taco, as well three burrito options like the new staple Chorizo and Egg Burrito. Plant-based options include the Vegan Scramble Taco, and the Vegan Scramble Burrito. All items are made with the same high-quality ingredients that Tacofino regulars have come to know and expect.

Most importantly, what’s breakfast without coffee? Tacofino is partnering with locally owned and operated Moja Coffee and will now be brewing Americanos and Lattes with their signature organic espresso Imara blend, to help get your day going.

The new breakfast menus also mean extended hours, with service beginning daily at 8am until 10:50am, with some menu items varying by location.

So, whether you’re running late to the office, heading for a hike, finishing up a workout, hitting the beach, or simply want the convenience of delivery, Tacofino’s new breakfast options are a great new way for you to start your day!

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