Summer skincare tips from Vancouver’s newest self-care destination

As we slowly head into summer, there’s no better time to prep our skin so that we can face the new season – head on. Here to help, Tila Huynh, skincare expert and Co-Founder and Creative Director of Vancouver’s newest self-care destination Enhance Arts Aesthetics & Spa, is sharing some warm weather skincare tips!

5 It’s all about the glow

As we head into Spring and Summer, it’s all about the glow. I recommend incorporating Vitamin C into your skincare routine to maximize cell turnaround and brighten your complexion. My personal favorite is the Energy C Intensive Cream by Mesoestetic. This lightweight cream also contains Vitamin E to help protect against UV rays and increase skin’s elasticity.

4 Prep your skin with a Hydrafacial

In the colder months, it’s common for skin to lose moisture and accumulate dead skin cells. It’s important to thoroughly cleanse, prep, and rehydrate as you head into Spring and Summer. My clients love Hydrafacials, a treatment that combines exfoliation, painless extractions, and skin replenishment to help them transition from Winter to Spring. This treatment is hands-down my top recommendation to get your skin warm-weather ready.

3 Collagen is your best friend

We all know collagen does wonders to help maintain skin elasticity, but did you know it also promotes cell turnover and improves skin texture? This is extra important in the warmer months as we tend to spend more time outside and in the sun, which can contribute to fine lines and wrinkles. Collagen 360 by Mesoestetic is a great serum that contains Marine Collagen and offers an immediate lifting effect.

2 Don’t Forget Your Sunscreen

This should be a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at just how few people wear sunscreen. In the Summer, this is even more crucial. Winner of countless awards, EltaMD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46 is a great choice and sits well underneath makeup.

1 It’s Been a Tough Year – Try CBD

For those of us who haven’t incorporated CBD into our wellness routines, now is the perfect time to do so. It’s been a tough year. Self-care could not be more important. Add a CBD Body Oil into your routine to help you relax and unwind. We partnered with Canadian CBD experts Delush CBD to create two premium, essential-oil infused body oils. They’ve been top sellers since they launched!

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About Tila Huynh 

Tila Huynh’s career as an entrepreneur was foreshadowed at an early age, with her business skills taking shape while in elementary school in the form of garage sales, lemonade stands, and snack shacks. It came as no surprise when Huynh, in her adulthood, struck out on her own, co-creating Enhance Arts Aesthetics and Spa with her sister and business partner, in addition to two other businesses she runs on her own. Hoping to bridge the gap between luxury and accessibility, Enhance Arts marks the start of something new to Huynh and something she’s deeply passionate about: Quality, premium aesthetics services at an accessible price point. A full-service spa that even offers aesthetics schooling, Huynh hopes to flip the script on how we view aesthetics and encourage women everywhere to pursue their true passions, lead with strength, and create a future they’re proud of.

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