5 of Vancouver’s best tourist attractions to see this summer

You’ve probably heard his charming voice on the radio at some point during your day. You may have even thought to yourself, “this guy sounds like one cool dude.” Well, his name is Chris Palliser and he’s currently the midday announcer on 94.5 Virgin Radio – and he really is one, cool dude! We’re thrilled to be teaming up with Chris to bring you Palliser’s Populist a special, monthly segment showcasing Chris’s favourite things, including all the things that he enjoys about living on the West Coast! We’re putting the “fun” in Sunday Funday and giving you “Palliser’s Populist: Van City Attractions! What are some of Chris’s favourite attractions? You’ll have to watch our video to find out!

5 Grouse Mountain SkyRide

Only 15 minutes from downtown Vancouver, you’ll find Grouse Mountain, and one of Chris’s favourite attractions in the city. The Grouse Mountain Skyride. Take in breathtaking, panoramic views of the city on the way up and at the summit – 3,700 feet above sea level! Guaranteed to have picture perfect moments – Instagram worthy Nice pick, Chris!


4 Grouse Grind

You can’t name something “the grind” and not expect it be the ultimate ass-kicker. Working in an industry that’s crazy busy and demanding, the grind is the perfect way for Chris to blow off some steam, and get a killer workout in! The hour and half trek up is a real thigh-burner but your thighs will thank you. (Once you’re able to move them again.) We like to reward ourselves with a nice, cold beer at Altitudes, looking out at the mountain you made your b****. (Usually the other way around though.)


3 Capilano Suspension Bridge

Want to go bridge jumping? Well, you can’t do that at Capilano Suspension Bridge, but you can walk across it – which is just as thrilling – and take a walk on the wild side. Chris usually choose to walk. The bridge extends 140 metres and is 70 metres above the river, surrounded by a temperate rainforest. The cliff walk is the newest addition to the park and is not for the faint of heart. You’re going to have to gather up some courage and serious “cajones” for this one.


2 Fly Over Canada

Ever wondered what it would be like to see all of Canada from above? You can now thanks to Fly Over Canada, Vancouver’s hottest new attraction. Located at Canada Place, strap into this virtual flight, and go from the West Coast to East Coast, all in under 25 minutes! (And at a fraction of the cost of an actual flight) The experience is so realistic and the addition of special effects like mist and water and snow takes it to the next level! An impressive work of art


1 Granville Island

Heaven on Earth exists and it’s called Granville Island Public Market. If there’s any place you want to get lost in, it’s in there. It’s the place to find and indulge in all of the pleasures your heart desires – even the guilty ones – under one roof. Sample the best that local farmers, fisherman, butchers, bakers, baristas, and more, have to offer! Outside of the market, take in fun performances by buskers and actors while looking out at false creek and enjoying your market purchases! There’s also a pretty good chance you’ll end up running into Chris himself!


Palliser's Populist: Van's Best Attractions

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