Spanish Artist OKUDA Gets His First Canadian Wall

okuda art mural in europe

Spanish street artist, Okuda San Miguel is coming to grace Vancouver with his mural presence.

The mural is in conjunction with Vancouver’s hottest urban art exhibition Art Rapture, in which Okuda is headlining the event. Art Rapture will be held on September 22 & 23 featuring international and local art talent and Okuda’s original paintings will be on display and available for collector’s to acquire.

Okuda’s work is pop surrealism mixed with street art. His artwork is composed of geometric prints and multicolored ephymeral architectures that help blend with grey bodies and organic forms. These pieces of artwork often raise contradictions about existentialism, the universe, the infinite, the meaning of life, and the false freedom of capitalism. They ignite conversations about the clear conflict between modernity and our roots.

From September 27 – 29, Okuda will be painting over the 1200 sq ft wall at Portliving’s HQ on W. 4th street. The theme is set to be westcoast wildlife. No matter what it is, it will be bright and colorful and a really cool addition to Vancouver to add to your instagram.

okuda art
okuda art church of cannabis
DENVER, CO – APRIL 11: This is a photo of the interior of the International Church of Cannabis at 400 south Logan street on April 11, 2017 in Denver, Colorado. The interior painting was done by artist Okuda San Miguel. The members of this new church call themselves Elevationists and say that the use of cannabis helps elevate people to a higher form of themselves. They plan to open their doors to the public on April 20th and have a weekend of events planned for the neighborhood to introduce people to this new and unique concept for a church. (Photo by Helen H. Richardson/The Denver Post)

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