California’s luxury EV brand Lucid now has a showroom in Vancouver

Lucid motors car in Vancouver showroom

Vancouverites are known for caring about the environment, so it only makes sense that when American electric vehicle company, Lucid Motors, wanted to make the move to Canada, they chose us to be their first international location.

Located in the old Michael Kors spot in Pacific Centre, the new showroom is just as sleek and chic as the car. There’s currently only one on display to check out – the Lucid Air Pure (starting at $105k), but they make up for it with a VR set to feel out different models and colours. There are also bento boxes of the different colours and sustainable materials (including vegan options), so you can touch and feel the quality and choose your pallet – which are all inspired by California hot spots.

The company’s goal is to be the best EV in the world, as in the most efficient and functional, having the best range and fastest charging and still being a luxury experience, similar to BMW and Mercedes.  Being from Silicon Valley means they’re innovating and reimagining the driving experience and turning it up a notch. The car itself is feels like you’re flying, with a completely seamless and unobstructed windshield to glass canopy roof and dashboard and panels that float and feels like an experience just to be in it. I guess you’ll have to stop by the showroom and check it out for yourself.

Where | CF Pacific Centre, G057 – 701 W. Georgia Street
Website | Instagram

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