Indulge in a unique culinary experience at this new asian infused destination in Toronto

Located in Markham and led by award-winning chef, Keith Pears, newly opened Glass Kitchen is a blend of tradition, innovation and heartfelt memories.

This brunch to dinner experience features dishes carefully curated with the freshest ingredients to guarantee a dining journey that transcends the ordinary.

‘Glass Kitchen’ represents green glass, otherwise known as Jade which holds a special meaning as it pays tribute to Keith’s beloved grandmother, Jade. Her love and passion for cooking inspired Keith throughout his culinary journey, and her memory continues to guide him in creating incredible dishes.

Glass Kitchen is led by award-winning chef, Keith Pears, looking to share his inventive approach to third-culture cooking.


Growing up in Vancouver, surrounded by a family of talented chefs, including his parents, Keith discovered his passion for cooking at a very young age. His grandma owned a Chinese-Western cafe where Keith would soak in the love, flavours, and traditions that made their food so special. Throughout his career he has climbed the ranks at various prestigious restaurants such as Teahouse in Stanley Park, Delta Hotels by Marriott and the W Hotel. Along the way, he gained recognition and acclaim in various food competitions, such as Best of the West, Chopped Canada and most recently, winning the National Selection for Bocuse d’Or. Keith will be representing Canada in the 2025 B’ocuse d’Or Finals in Lyon.

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