IKEA teams up with Annie Leibovitz for an iconic collab

IKEA has announced plans to collaborate with renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz who will step into the role of IKEA Artist in Residence in 2023.

Following the recent release of its annual Life at Home Report, findings highlighted the crucial role that Canadian homes have played in providing a safe haven for residents amidst daily challenges over the past year. One of the key data points the study revealed is that 68% of Canadians feeling like they can truly be themselves within the walls of their homes, highlighting the growing need for a personal and comfortable living space. These insights have inspired the innovative new partnership between Ikea and Leibovitz, who is known for her exceptional ability to uncover the inner lives of her subjects through captivating images captured in intimate spaces.

“The home has always been important in my work,” Annie Leibovitz explains. “I’ve been photographing people in their homes since I began. It’s a way to understand who a person is. The advice I give to young photographers is to photograph their families. It’s one of the best ways to start. I’m excited to partner with IKEA in 2023.”

The fruits of the collaboration will be revealed throughout 2023, with many exciting moments to come. Annie will do a global home visit tour in 2023, interpreting key insights from the IKEA Life at Home Report and creating portraits by turning her iconic lens to those lives at home which are not typically represented in mainstream media.

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