Here’s where you can get the best latin food in Vancouver

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The Latin culture is known for being vibrant, warm, affectionate and artistic and full of music, dancing, love and good food and drinks. So now that the Latin food American Heritage Month is back for its 4th year, we have an excuse for us to eat all of the Latin food and drink all the drinks, as humanly possible.  Check out these restaurants over the next 3 weeks to get your fix with some latin flare.

6 SUYO Modern Peruvian

SUYO is a modern Peruvian restaurant with a mission to make you feel like you’ve been invited into the owner’s home and taken on a journey of cocktails, vibrant South American wines and the flavours of Peru – with a modern twist. If that doesn’t give hot-date-night vibes, we don’t know what does.

Cost | $$
Where | 3475 Main Street
Website | IG

5 Cuchillo

My word to describe them would be: experimental. They definitely have an open mind and create sublime cuisine fusion going on. Don’t forget they have a red dungeon downstairs. You didn’t read it from me though. Cuchillo is known for its eclectic latin fusion food with flavours you’ve definitely never tried before, but it’s the vibe that keeps bringing us back.  It’s the moody and dope atmosphere and the vintage lucho posters, but it’s definitely the best cocktails, bartenders and the red basement parties called the Boogie Van that make it one of our fav latin spots in the city.

Cost | $$
Where | 261 Powell Street
Website | IG

4 Ophelia

Ophelia is the Chef Francisco’s mama! Literally, the restaurant was named after her, so make sure you go to her house with the outmost respect, meaning, with an empty belly, to make sure you try her elevated but authentic Mexican dishes and her premium tequilas and mezcals.  The name Ophelia comes from the owner and head chef’s mother, as an homage to her, her cooking and their homeland.  You better make sure you come on an empty stomach to try all the elevated and authentic Mexican dishes, premium tequilas and mezcals.

Cost | $$$
Where | 165 W. 2nd Avenue
Website | IG

3 Tocador

One of the main destinations for Canadians when the cold hits is Cuba. Obviously because it’s hot and beautiful and the culture is all about live music and dancing in the streets. Just like Tocador on Main Street, except you don’t have to get on a plane and it’s a way closer trip.

Insider tip: Sundays are the best days for live music, spicy drinks and crunchy chips.

Cost | $$
Where | 2610 Main Street
Website | IG

2 Sebastian Cortez

Sebastian Cortez brings only good vibes to his craft butchery, Sebastian and Co.  Not only is he the owner, manager and creates all the new menus, but he makes butchering an artform.  Offering some of the finest quality meats, bone broths and sandwiches to go for when you can’t stop salivating in the shop.

Cost | $$
Where | 1299 Howe Street
Website | IG

1 Taqueria Chicatana

Imma say it once. This place SLAPS. It’s giving street vendors, it’s giving late-night-eats, but it’s also giving latin backyard BBQs, where your tio’s on the grill, babies are running around, big shared tables with loud music in the background and everyone is welcome.

Cost | $
Where | 54 Alexander Street
Website | IG

So, date night or what? Which one are you taking me to?

Natasha Cova-Mendoza


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