Vancouver’s Top Gourmet Burgers pt 1

Most of us can agree that one of the best things we got from the USA is the burger (and Netflix obvs). But the burger has come a long way and upped its game from the classic bun and condiments – not that we don’t love that too. Vancouver’s top chefs have added their own spin to make these burgers, the top gourmet.

5 Edible Canada

Bison + Brisket Burger

The beaver may be Canada’s national animal, but the Bison signifies Canada the most, so it only makes sense to use its leaner and healthier meat at a place called Edible Canada. The Bison + Brisket Burger comes topped with grilled onion, tomato jam, cheddar cheese, arugula, garlic mayo & hand-cut fries.
Address | 202 – 1504 Duranleau Street, Vancouver
Website |

4 West Oak

The 1/2 Pound “AAA” West Oak Burger

West Oak is one of Yaletown’s hotspots and may have one of the most overlooked menu items – their burger. We don’t know whether it’s the caramelized onions, jalapeño relish, garlic aioli, mozzarella or brioche bun, but the combination really works.
Address | 1035 Mainland Street, Vancouver
Website |

3 Chambar

Le Burger du Chasseur

Game meat is unique to Canada and all the rage right now for its rich flavours and health benefits. Venison is leaner than chicken and has more iron than any other red meat, making this the healthiest burger on the list.
Address | 568 Beatty Street, Vancouver
Website |

2 L’Abattoir

Breakfast Burger

Gastown’s L’Abattoir is known as one of Vancouver’s favourite destinations for it’s french-inspired charm. Following suit as they do in Eastern Europe, if you throw an egg on it, it becomes breakfast – and that’s exactly what they did with their burger.
Address | 217 Carrall Street, Vancouver
Website |

1 Pourhouse

The Pourhouse Burger

Pourhouse’s burger has a reputation of its own, with reason. The chef grinds his own steak meat and then tops it with pork belly and caramelized onions, for the juiciest and most flavourful burger that will turn any vegetarian into a burger lover.
Address | 162 Water Street, Vancouver
Website |

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