Global udon noodle sensation debuts in Vancouver

Acclaimed Japanese noodle restaurant Marugame Udon, will soon be providing an authentic taste of Japan in the heart of Downtown Vancouver. Opening up its doors on SaturdayFebruary 24, the new 80-seat restaurant, will be open seven days a week, serving delectable Sanuki-style udon noodles, tempura, and rice bowls for lunch and dinner.

The Vancouver launch sets forth an exciting new chapter for the global brand, as it is Marugame Udon’s first-ever establishment in Canada. To mark this special day, Marugame Udon is excited to offer a limited-time consumer promotion on the inaugural day. Every bowl purchased on February 24 will include a complimentary serving of Marugame’s renowned tempura.

The lively and immersive sights, sounds, and aromas of freshly cooked udon and tempura will greet Marugame’s guests upon entry. With its distinctive theatre-like setting and open kitchen, Marugame Udon offers guests the unparalleled experience of watching noodles being freshly kneaded, cut and boiled to order.

Marugame Udon is known world-wide for its made-to-order Sanuki-style udon, which is a specific type of udon noodle originating from Japan’s Kagawa Prefecture, formerly known as the Sanuki region. Sanuki-style udon is one of the most popular and well-known udon varieties in Japan. The noodles are distinctly thick, chewy, and slightly firm, representing the perfect “Marugame texture.” Complemented by the house-made fragrant soup stock enveloping each strand and an array of toppings, every bowl of udon at Marugame promises a multisensory culinary journey.

The Vancouver menu features some of the restaurant’s most beloved udon dishes, like Kake Udon, spotlighting noodles served with clear and light kake dashi broth and topped with green onion and tempura flakes, Nikutama, chewy udon noodles served with traditional Japanese curry, along with seasoned sweet beef, caramelized onions, a soft-poached egg, tempura flakes and green onions, and Kitsune, with Sanuki-style udon in dashi topped with sweet fried tofu. In addition to Marugame’s famous udon, the restaurant will serve dishes such as rice bowls like Chicken Katsu Curry Don (crispy chicken katsu on rice topped with Japanese curry sauce), and an assortment of tempura.

Inside the 3,500 square feet restaurant, Marugame Udon’s core promises of Atmosphere, Accessibility, and Authenticity are evident in the presence of their warm and inviting staff who will guide guests through their dining experience, and in the thoughtfully designed space with engaging elements that draw diners in. The distinctive Udon Square Icon is prominently displayed, and graphic walls tell the rich story of udon, adding an exciting element of visual interest to the dining area. While enjoying their authentic Sanuki-style udon and perfectly fried tempura, guests can feel transported to Japan without leaving Vancouver.

Where | 589 Beatty Street
Hours |Daily from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Website | Instagram


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