These are the biggest food trends of 2023

a piece of steak on a fork

The beginning of the year is exciting because we get to join in the discussion of 2023 trend predictions – like foods.  2022 was a year of plant-based, cacio e pepe, cake-in-a-cup, pink sauce, healthy energy drinks, butter boards, fusion foods and adaptogens.  Things are looking slightly different for this year, with a huge focus on getting back to basics with a recession coming up and the price of groceries skyrocketing. Plant-based ‘meat’ chemicals are out and eating meat is back in, Keto is out and carbs are back in, complicated cooking is out and simple recipes are in and pasta is getting functional.

We consulted the food Gods (Whole Foods), the internet of trends (TikTok) and tech foodies (Instacart) to find out what’s trending for 2023:

8 Tinned Fish

Thanks to TikTok, tinned fish is trending in all sorts of ways, including in the newly vamped ‘seacuterie board’.  Tinned Fish, which has always been very popular in Europe, was deemed lowbrow in North America up until now.

tinned fish
Photo Cred | Sunset Magazine

7 Dates

Dates have been a source of sweetness in the Middle East forever, but is now becoming a trending source for us as well. It’s been popping up in commercial products like syrups, sauces, sugars and being used as a sweetener in canned sodas, lattes, baked goods and ketchup.

dried bowl of dates

6 Veggie Pasta

Functional foods have been trending over the last few years and the trend continues – this time with veggie pasta. Pastas alternatives are getting a healthy makeover so you can get more veggies in.  With ingredients like spaghetti squash, hearts of palm and even green bananas, this year is all about fusing health with comfort.

heart of palm pasta alfredo
Photo Cred | Low Carb with Jennifer


5 Kelp

Kelp is not only a nutritious superfood, it’s also great for the climate change situation. According to researchers, kelp can absorb carbon in the atmosphere. A type of seaweed, it’s starting to pop up as a snack like chips, crisps and even as a replacement for fish in fish sauce.

wakame salad bowl
Photo Cred | Eat Simple Food


4 Non-alcoholic spirits

Sober life has been trending in the past few years thanks to Gen-Zers that are just saying no to booze, but it’s hitting an all-time high this year with a ton of brands putting out their own zero-proof spirits.  Makes sense since you can the taste of a cocktail, wine or beer, but without the drunkenness and hangover the next day.

non alcoholic cosmopolitan cocktail with seedlip
Photo Cred | All the Bitter


3 Real Meat

Plant-based is on the decline and it’s because of the high prices on plant-based ‘meat’ products like the impossibles and beyonds and the fact that they’re mostly made of chemicals and highly processed.  People are getting back to their roots and going back to a more natural human experience that’s going to maximize food needs and cost.  And with companies like Global Animal Partnership (G.A.P.) that are implementing a new initiative, The Better Chicken Project, to help improve the birds’ lives as well as the quality of the chicken we eat, we can feel better about it.

a piece of steak on a fork

2 Avocado Oil

Oils have been a hot topic of debate lately as to which ones are better and which ones to avoid, but Avocado Oil has just entered the conversation.  It’s always been a staple, but is gaining popularity as the one to shine this year due to its high oleic fatty acid content and a high smoke point and brands are jumping on board.

avocadoes sliced in halves

1 Retro Products

For most of us when things get stressful, we tend to revert back to a simpler time or when something made us happy and usually that road leads to childhood food. What’s more comforting? This nostalgic food trend or the ‘retro remix’ is upgrading our childhood favs with a wellness-conscious spin for the ultimate throwback indulgence but with better ingredients.

green mac and cheese
Photo Cred | Healthy Fitness Meals

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