Join The List – Hiring CREATIVE WRITERS

We are looking for a super energetic and creative writers who want to share their voice to join our growing team!
We aim to create an amazing team full of inspired people that want to build an innovative company.


6. Work on your own time

We all have lives of our own, so we’re flexible and you can write from your bed in your pjs (we don’t judge).

5. Write as much (or as little) as you want

If you want to write 1 article a month, a week or a day, it’s up to you.

4. Be part of our Global Domination

We’re the Pinky and the Brain of Vancouver and will expand to everywhere, so get in at ground level.

3. Get creative

We give you options or we’re open to your suggestions of what you want to see on Populist.

2. Learn about your city

We’re Vancouver-based so you get to learn more about our amazing city while you research for your piece.

1. Have a Platform

YOU have a voice and want to be heard and WE have an audience you can share it with. We will promote your articles and make sure you get seen and heard.

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