This new makeup brand is doubling as a fund for women in abusive relationships

silver bullet shaped lipstick necklace

Bulletproof Cosmetics is a name you need to know because not only do they make quality lipsticks that double as cute necklaces, but they also help women in need.  The new brand just launched a lipstick and balm collection that comes packaged in a bullet-shaped necklace (which appears to be just a really easy way to not lose your lipstick when it falls out of you purse), but it has more purpose than a makeup tool or jewelry.

The company was founded out of a personal situation that the Vancouver Co-Founder, Elly Seddon, went through as a teenager.  She found herself in an abusive relationship and couldn’t figure out how to access the legal resources she needed to help her out.  Since becoming a lawyer herself, she started Bulletproof Cosmetics as a way to allocate resources to other North American women in abusive relationships through the Bulletproof Foundation, which will help with education, legal and creating a community.

As for the actual products, the necklaces, which are shaped like a bullet, have replaceable and interchangeable ‘Ammo’ cartridges of different coloured lipsticks. Currently there are 5 different colours, that were made to flatter all skin types, and a lip balm for everyday wear.  The bullet necklace is also a signal to other women that they’re all part of the same cause and community.

You can now order Bulletproof Cosmetics online.  The pendant and ammo cost $118 (CAD) and the ammo alone is $35 (CAD).

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bulletproof cosmetics packaging
Bulletproof Cosmetics packaging


bulletproof cosmetics co-founders elly and cera
Co-creators, Elly and Cera


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