13 Places To Get The Best SANGRIA In Vancouver

Pitcher of Sangria at Havana on Commercial Drive

A summertime classic – a good ol’ glass of SANGRIA. When it comes to this yummy concoction there are many renditions. Choices can differ drastically. Sangria can be strictly wine-based, however on the other hand it can also include some specialty liqueurs and other fruit flavours that can sweeten or sour the recipe based on taste preference. We want you to be able to enjoy as much fruity (BOOZY) goodness this summer as possible, whether it’s at home or out in the city, here is a list of the best places in Vancouver where you can find a stellar glass or better yet a pitcher of sangria.

13 The Foundation
Apparently, Hipsters make delicious sangria. If you’re strolling up to Main Street and feeling “thirsty,” pop into The Foundation on 8th and Main St for a pitcher of boozy goodness and tasty meat-free eats, in a chill, retro space chock-full of character.  Best enjoyed in the company of good friends.


12 Lucky Taco 
New kids on the block, we were hesitant to include Lucky Taco in Kitsilano because it’s one of those magical little joints we kind of want to keep all to ourselves. With that being said, the best things in life deserve to be shared with others and Lucky Taco’s pink sangria is no exception. Rosé wine, fresh fruit, juice, and lots of booze, available by the glass or in a fishbowl. (Go for the fishbowl. ;))


11  Havana
Located on Commercial Drive, Havana has a wide variety of Latin-inspired dishes and drinks showcasing the culture of Cuba, including a stellar and impressive range of sangria. There are six different varieties to choose from, including the traditional red (rojo) and white (blanco) styles to tropical (which include ingredients such as Malibu rum and mango) and berry flavoured options. Available by the glass or better yet a pitcher, be sure to sample as many options as possible.

Pitcher of Sangria at Havana on Commercial Drive

10 Bin 941
Know to be one of the original spots to get tapas on trend in the Vancouver restaurant scene, Bin 941 prides themselves in working with local retailers and resources to make the best dishes with the best and freshest ingredients. With a drink menu that is sure to delight, the “BinGria” is a hidden gem on their list of cocktails that was labeled as one of the best sangria’s in the city.

Sangria at Bin 941
(Photo/Narcity Vancouver)

Located on Davie Street, this cozy cantina has been booming for over 10 years and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. Serving up Mexican style specialities such as enchiladas, tacos, and burritos, they also have some super tiki-styled cocktails including their sangria that customers rave about. Made with macerated fresh BC berries, mango nectar, a blend of wine and liqueurs this drink screams summer, and if you pop in on a Sunday it’s on special.

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Sangria at Lolita's
(Photo/BC Living)

Known to be some of the healthiest food in the world, this organic Lebanese bistro serves up authentic dishes with a modern twist. Not only is there food something to add to your ‘must try’ list, but their sangria is a definite summer treat. The red is made from fresh- squeezed organic fruit juice (orange and pomegranate), red wine, triple sec, and a splash of soda. To top it off it is sprinkled with some cinnamon and garnished with some slices of fresh fruit (also available in a white-wine sangria as well).

(Photo/Food Spotting)
(Photo/Food Spotting)

Although this well known Mexican-inspired restaurant has some delicious dishes including their taco bar, you also need to pair your meal with an equally delicious drink. Tacofino’s sangria rendition known as the “Tricky Sandria” is made with red wine, brandy, triple sec, orange juice, and hibiscus grenadine. You can order it by the glass or a pitcher.

Sangria pitcher and tacos at Tacofino Gastown

Las Margaritas
At Las Margaritas you’ll be sure to find what has been called the city’s best salsa and margaritas in Vancouver. If you didn’t already know they also happen to have the largest tequila selection in BC. Not only is tequila being served but so is an abundance of summertime sangria. On the more traditional side, this sangria consists of red wine, brandy, and a medley of fruit juices – available by the glass or pitcher.

(Photo/IG/@billyforce )
(Photo/IG/@billyforce )

Caffe Brixton
This secluded cafe located off the busy streets of Main in Chinatown and Strathcona, is one worth stopping by. If you’re looking for somewhere to start your day with a cup of coffee and end it with a glass of sangria, you’re in the right place. Spacious and cozy, Caffe Brixton offers a red and white sangria by the glass and pitchers under $17. Beware these are not your typical red and white sangria – both consisting of sake, the white also has ginger wine, coconut juice, lychee, mandarin, aloe and lemongrass in it. Sounds odd, but it’s definitely worth a try.

White Sangria at Caffe Brixton

Eight ½ Restaurant Lounge
Located in Mount Pleasant, this is the perfect place to go for an intimate dinner, or just a cozy little restaurant to get away. The principle behind Eight ½ is that what goes into your body should be simple, fresh, and local – food and drinks alike. Their sangria (which comes in a white and red option) is made with local wine, triple sec, apricot brandy, and fresh fruit juices. Be sure to enjoy a glass or a pitcher while feasting on some of the best seafood dishes in Vancouver.


This low-lit, intimate tapas bar showcases what Spanish small plates are all about. Not only know for their selection of divine cured meat and cheeses, they also have a carefully crafted cocktail list that is sure to entice. España’s sangria is on the traditional side, however it is bursting with flavours. Included in this mix is a combination of red wine, Spanish brandy, and vanilla.

Red Sangria at España on Denman)
(Photo/Every Day is a Food Day)

Rogue Kitchen and Wetbar
A popular Vancouver chain, consisting of three locations around downtown, any of their spots are sure to impress. The sultry sangria punch is available by the glass or if you’re feeling really parched try one of the fishbowls (recommended to share with a friend). Included in this sultry bowl is red wine, Captain Morgan spiced rum, citrus, giffard passionfruit syrup, ginger beer.

Sangria fishbowl at Rogue Kitchen and Wetbar

1 Bodega on Main
For the most authentic sangria, pay a visit to Bodega on Main where you’ll feel like you’ve escaped the city to Spain. Free of additives that North Americans tend to add to sangria yet full of flavour – as delicious as sangria can be.  They have a Sangria Special every Wednesday with glasses for 6 bucks, half pitchers for $15, and full pitchers $22.

Sangria pitcher at Bodega on Main

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