Escape to Bali with this ready-to-drink cocktail

Inspired by Barong – the king of spirits in Balinese mythology – Bali Water is on a mission to make a difference through a vision of health, sustainability, and good fortune. Crafted with three primary ingredients and inspired by the vibrant culture of Bali, this exotic, new canned cocktail has no added sugar or artificial ingredients, 4 grams of natural sugars and 120 calories and is available in watermelon, mango, coconut, and pineapple.

Bali Water was created from a spirit of adventure and exploration. During a journey across Southeast Asia the brand’s founders stumbled upon a unique flavour that transported them back to the lush jungles of Bali. With a passionate vision, over a year was spent collaborating with local suppliers and perfecting a blend of premium rice vodka, lightly carbonated spring water, and tropical fruit juices – vine-ripened in the optimal climates of South-Asian fruit farms.

“Our brand’s journey began with a very simple idea: to bring something fresh and authentically tropical to a market saturated with artificially sweetened and overly fizzy drinks,” says Chris Bowes, Co-Founder of Bali Water. “This basic concept ignited a spark and set us on a path to create a product on the other side of the world. It’s been a truly enriching journey, one that has now come full circle as we strive to positively impact Bali – this tiny island started it all for us.”

Not only focusing on the quality of the products, the brand has launched the Bali Water Protection Program to address Bali’s rapidly diminishing freshwater supply. Through collaboration with the IDEP Foundation, a percentage of the company’s sales in Indonesia are dedicated to combating the local water crisis – which includes the construction of rainwater recharge wells across Bali.

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