9 dive bars in Vancouver for a good time

Dive Bars to lose dignity

If you’re on the prowl for a fun, care-free, boozy, and wild time, the dive bars on this list are right up your alley.  They’re chock-full of character, and there’s no shame in losing your dignity after a couple (a lot) of drinks. You’ll probably wake up feeling a little rough around the edges, but then again, these joints are a little rough around the edges themselves. Bring a friend, and leave your morals behind.

  1. The Metropole

320 Abbott St

Aka, “The Met,” is not a full-on dive bar per se, but still plenty a wild and messy time to be had at this joint. The dive without the “sketch.”


People dancing at Metropole Bar in Vancouver
  1. The Cobalt

917 Main St.

More of a hipster/punk scene, The Cobalt is dark, dingy, boozy, and home to killer bands.  A cool bar with a rad decor,  great dive ambiance, and a guaranteed good time.  Too good, sometimes.

Photo/FB/The Cobalt
Photo/FB/The Cobalt
  1. The Brickhouse

730 Main St.

A low-key dive bar, The Brickhouse is, as my one dive bar loving friend described to me, “rad, but more of a college hangout with kitsch,” which is totally fine, because 1) kitschy knickknacks are part of the allure of a dive bar, and 2) we all know how wild college kids like to get.


The Brickhouse in Vancouver
  1. The Astoria

769 E Hastings St

A popular hipster hangout on the weekends, The Astoria on E Hastings, is just as excellent during the week. Super cheap drinks, free pool, legit music, and lots of seating. It look like a dive bar and it smells like one too. A great place to catch shows, drink your face off, and make bad decisions.

Girls taking pictures at The Astoria

  1. The Cambie

300 Cambie St

One of Vancouver’s most famous bars, The Cambie offers real cheap beer, in a relaxed, and open setting.  A popular destination for backpackers on a budget or for anyone, The  Cambie has a hostel-vibe (probably because there’s an actual hostel above it) and is loud, dirty, and a place for conversing – just the way a dive bar should be.


People hanging out at The Cambie hotel
  1. West Hotel and Bar

488 Carrall St.

Rich in history, West Hotel and Bar is in a slightly sketchier part of town and is home to interesting creatures.  With that being said, they have cheap beer (shitty beer – but hey! That’s expected), $3 drink specials, and decent entertainment.

west hotel

  1. Funky Winter Beans

37 W Hastings St

If you enjoy metal, karaoke, and being in the presence of chill and unpretentious people looking to have a good time, you’ll enjoy Funky Winter Beans. As divey as it gets.

Funkys Winter Beans Bar

  1. The Ivanhoe 

1038 Main St

Close to the skytrain and a long-standing staple of Main St, The Ivanhoe is worthy of all bragging-rights when it comes to being one of the last few, real deal, dive-bars in the city.

Hotel Ivanhoe in Vancouver

  1. Savoy


258 E Hastings St

And finally, Savoy Pub.  The venue if you’re looking to have a fantastic night of uninhibited fun and live entertainment. For the young, old, and everything in-between.  A proper dive bar.

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