8 products you need to make your home cozier In 2023

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2023 is the year of peace. Not only politically, but for our minds and that starts with your home.  How your home looks and feels can give you that sense of peace, so how you decorate your space can impact how you feel while you’re in it.  Cluttered spaces can cause stress and anxiety, but a nice and cozy space is calming and peaceful.

We’ve rounded up 8 products you need in your life to make your environment clutter-free, creative, soothing and beautiful:


1 Functional Furniture

In cities like Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto, our teeny, tiny apartments usually need teeny tiny furniture and that’s just not comfortable or cozy – until Transformer Table.  A versatile 6-in-1 table that literally transforms (like the toys) from a small console, to a work desk, to a 12-person dining table. It will elevate the home experience from weekday work to weekend aesthetics and evening entertaining, while keeping your space decluttered and flexible.

Plus, for a limited time, you can also get up to $1,170 off their web prices. Use coupon code POPULIST100 for an additional $100 discount.

Cost | $2000 – $3500



2 Artistic elements

Lighting and art are the of the most important elements to a room. They make darker areas feel lighter and happier and give character and personality to space. A soft light for our dark winter season can make the world of difference. It’s soft on the eyes and gives you a warm environment.  So here is our take on it: the vintage Gila Table Lamp from Urban Barn.  It comes in black or white and features an organic dome shape and classic pull cord for an added sculptural element and a warm, filtered glow wherever you need it most.

Cost | $149



3 A gentle alarm clock

There’s a saying that your morning routine affects your day and your day affects your week and your week affects your year and on and on (you get it), so by starting your day in a gentle and peaceful manner, will most likely bring on a less chaotic day.  Light-based alarm clocks like this Vissboo Sunrise Alarm Clock are the perfect way to wake up because it simulates the sunrise and birds chirping or waves crashing or music for a natural wake-up to keep your circadian rhythm in check.  Leave the phone far away so it’s not the first thing you have to grab in the morning.

Cost | $63



4 Scents

Pretty smells are the smallest and easiest way to transform a space into a relaxing spa-like environment (which is why they use aromas in spas… obvs).  Certain scents can transport you to another place like a tropical vacation or cabin in the mountains or fresh laundry hanging outside in Italy (v specific), so by bringing that into your home, you can feel closer to a relaxing situation.  We love Vancouver’s own Vitruvi Stone Diffusers, that also double as decor for your living room or bedroom.

Cost | $123



5 House plants

Plants help breathe life into a space, giving you more fresh air and the wholesome feelings of being in nature – it’s also a pop of colour.  We’re in love with this urban jungle in Vancouver called West Coast Jungle because they have all types and sizes of tropical and rare plants to give your home an exotic feel.

Cost | $15 – $900



6 Pops of colour

There are few things that make us more happy than curled up on a couch with a blanket and pillow, especially in the winter.  You can maximize being cozy with functionality by getting pillows and throws that are colourful for some pop in your home, like this Mongolian Sheepskin Green Throw Pillow from Pillow Decor that’s soft and bright and exudes happiness.

Cost | $74.95



7 Entertainment

Puzzles, beer-pong, watercolors, lego building, side business, hosting paint-nights, sports, tv show binging marathons.  You can give your space life by having friends over for a night of entertainment, fun, games and laughs.  Here are some activities and games for you to do together:

ATARI® 2600 – 10306

Who says Lego is just for kids?  Build your very own Atari game console out of Legos and then you get a cool piece to show off in your home at the end.

Cost | $300

That’s What She Said Game

A naughty version of Cards Against Humanity, this game is a party in a box and hilarious for the perfect night of laughs.

Cost | $21

Decades Pop Culture Quiz Cards

Test yours and your friends’ knowledge on pop culture like music, movies, fashion and sports from the 80s, 90s and 2000s.  A quick, easy and storable little set that you can pull out the next time you have some friends over.

Cost | $6.59



8 Self-care tools

Turn your home into your own mini spa for the ultimate relaxation and stress-free vibes.  Self massagers can help avoid getting body aches whether it’s from working out, sitting at your desk or running around all day. Here are some at-home friendly massage items so you can soothe yourself.

Massage Gun

Cost | $125

Double Foam Roller

Cost | $34.99

Iriseye Massager

Cost | $151


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