24 Hours in VICTORIA| the local experience

24 hours in Victoria

Sponsored By: Helijet and Spinnakers Brewpub

They don’t call it Beautiful British Columbia for nothing! What better way to celebrate this fine province of ours than with a Victoria getaway! If you’re short on time – don’t fret. 24 hours is more than enough.

  1. Helijet

Take the quickest and most scenic route to Victoria on a Helijet chartered flight.  Comfortable, reliable, and an experience on its own!

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  1. Coffee and Shop

You’re in for a long day of adventuring and sightseeing so make sure you get your coffee boost asap and pay a visit to Hey Happy, a cool little coffee bar on Johnson St, specializing in pourover coffee. Afterwards, hit up all the boutiques on the strip!

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  1. Fisherman’s Wharf 

Fun for everyone, Fisherman’s Wharf is a must-visit in Victoria.  Check out the colorful houseboats, feed the seals, and feed yourself with some eats from the sea!

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  1. Water Taxi to Lunch 

Aside from walking, the best way to commute around Victoria is by water taxi! Hop on one at Fisherman’s Wharf and ride on over to Glo!

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  1. Lunch at Glo Patio

Easily one of the nicest patios on the West Coast, Glo Restaurant and Lounge offers stunning waterfront views, cozy patio chairs, live music, and delicious food and drink.  Their happy hour is ridic.

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  1. Tour Chinatown

Take a walk through Canada’s oldest Chinatown, exploring historic fixtures, and the narrow Fan Tam Alley, named after a gambling game and a big tourist attraction.

  1. Dinner at OLO

Sit down for the best family meal of your life at OLO Restaurant where they serve up impressive, sophisticated, and savoury PNW dishes. Farm-to-table has never tasted so good.

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  1. Drinks at the Mint

Enjoy a few cocktails at The Mint, a trendy, underground venue in Victoria with a great ambiance and lots of entertainment.

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  1. Stumble Back to Spinnakers

Literally, stumble.

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1.Morning Coffee at Shatterbox

No trip to Vic is complete without a visit to Shatterbox coffee bar.  Make sure to try their “Miami Vice” because it WILL change your life. If you’re visiting on the weekend, take advantage of their Sunday-Funday special featuring $2 Americanos and $3 Lattes.

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