11 really cool MURALS to Check out in Vancouver

Andy Dixon Main Street mural

We’ll be the first to admit. There’s nothing we love more than seeing streets covered in art which is why we were thrilled when the Vancouver Mural Festival was announced last year.  Since then, we’ve been seeing more and more colour occupy the walls of Vancouver, particularly along Main Street. It’s not just Main Street though; we have rad murals all over the city! The following are big standouts!

11  Word to Your Motherland
705 2nd St W, North Vancouver

Artists:  Nisha K. Sembi, Miguel “Bounce” Perez, Take5, and Corey Bulpitt

This sprawling 100 foot work of art is a collective effort between street artists, North Shore Lookout shelter residents and local youth.  Titled ‘Word to Your Motherland,” the piece encourages us to reconnect with our cultural ancestry.

Word to your Motherland mural in North Vancouver
(Photo/Google Images)

1o  Pacific Horses
1520 West 13th Avenue

Artist: Ola Volo

Ola Vola’s work is always easy to spot.  The Vancouver transplant, by way of Kazakhstan, is known for her distinctive, ‘folky’ style and for creating pieces that are elaborate, whimsical, and an ode to the past.

South Granville mural by Ola Volo
(Photo/South Granville BIA)

9 Jimi Hendrix
1030 East Cordova

Artist: Nelson Garcia and Xochitl

Fun fact: Jimi spent a big chunk of his childhood in Vancouver with his grandmother, Zenora Hendrix, who worked as a cook at a chicken and steak house in Hogan’s Alley. Today, a Jimi Hendrix shrine close to where his grandmother lived, pays homage to the iconic rockstar.  An 18-foot high mural on East Cordova, is a tribute to Jimi and his grandmother.

Jimi Hendrix mural in Vancouver
(Photo/Jimi Hendrix Shrine Vancouver/FB)

Graffiti Row
1000 Parker St

A lot less sketchy than it sounds, this alley behind Parker Studios is a hot spot for taggers. Not quite as glamorous as some of the other murals in the city, but still intriguing and fun to look at.

graffiti row in vancouver
(Photo/The Westender)

7  Instagram alley
South of West Hastings between Seymour and Granville

A collaboration between the Downtown Business Improvement Association, the City of Vancouver’s VIVA Vancouver program, and HCMA Architecture + Design, this pink and yellow alley, dubbed by many as “Instagram alley” is the perfect photo op spot to capture your #OOTD, #IHaveThisThingWithWalls, #ColorPop – the list goes on.

Instagram alley in Vancouver
(Photo/Elika In Love/Pinterest)

 Welcome to East Van
1192 E Hastings Street just before Clark St. 

Artist: Nick Gregson

East Van is filled with boyz in the hood but none stand out quite like the blue-tinted trio chilling against a wall in East Van.  The boyz we’re talking about?  Eazy-E, Tupac, and former NDP leader Jack Layton.  Although we wish they were in the flesh, this is definitely the next best thing.

Welcome to East Van mural
(Photo/Harman S. Pandher)

Kits Wings
Northwest corner of Burrard Street and West 4th 

Artists: Sandy Pell and Steve Pell

We can’t all be Victoria Secret Angels, but that doesn’t mean we can’t rock a pair of wings.  Created by husband and wife duo Steve and Sandy Pell, over 200 hours of work went into creating this piece and it’s already an IG fav. Just check out the hashtag #kitswings.


Rainbow Mural 
2321 Granville St (next to the Ian Tan Gallery)

Artist: Milan Basic with help from Oksana Gaidasheva

Based on a Kristofir Dean painting, this psychedelic, kaleidoscopic creation adds colour and vibrancy to the South Granville neighbourhood!

Kristofir Dean rainbow mural painted by Milan Basic
(Photo/Kristofir Dean)

 Vancouver Studio (After Matisse) 2017
4th between Quebec and Main
Artist: Andy Dixon

Renowned artist Andy Dixon allows passersby a glimpse into his studio with his latest piece, for the Vancouver Mural Fest.  Transit-user? You’ll see this masterpiece if you’re commuting from Commercial-Broadway to Main Street Station/downtown Vancouver, and vice versa.

Andy Dixon Main Street mural
(Photo/Andy Dixon)

2  The Present is a Gift
Belvedere Court building

Artists: Drew Young and Jay Senetchko

Probably one of the most recognizable works of art in the Vancouver Mural Festival is this connected mural, a collaboration between Van Mural Fest Curator Drew Young and artist Jay Senetchko. ‘The Present,’ is Young’s mural, while ‘Is A Gift,’ was done by Senetchko. The piece features local legend, Bob Butler, an optician at Mt. Pleasant Optometry for 65 years, and a woman named Paisley who was born and raised in Mount Pleasant.

Drew Young mural for Van Mural Fest
(Photo/Van Mural Fest)

1  Giants 
Granville Island

Artists: OSGEMEOS (Gustavo and Otávio Pandolfo)

The bigger the better! These giants are literally impossible to miss.  Brazilian twin brothers Gustavo and Otávio Pandolfo transformed six massive silos on Granville Island into a vibrant mural you can’t help but smile when you look at.  At 70 feet tall, this 23,500-sq.-ft. mural is OSGEMEOS  largest project to-date.

(Photo/Roaming the Planet)


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