Vancouver Has STYLE And Here’s The Proof

off-white boots in a store
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Vancouver is known for many things, fashion is not usually one of them. BUT, there are fashionable people and even better – shopping! These 3 boutiques are leading the pack in the high end, luxury game, where you can find new brands like Vetements, Off-White, Greta Constantine and Zoe Jordan or classic brands like Versace, Balenciaga, Prada and Chanel. Book your private appointments to get all your needs met by the welcoming and talented stylists on hand.

3 Wardrobe Apparel

The best way to communicate your unique self are is through fashion and this is the place for unique pieces. From a charity ball, to a fashion show.

2 Leone

Classically exquisite and always on point. Leone has you covered from a special event to your day to day office routine and brunch on Sundays, with 25,000 square feet of options.

1 Leisure Center

The new kid on the block that just recently opened, Leisure Center is pushing the boundaries and bringing in the latest street fashion and even books, art pieces, home accessories and a Tonic and Elixir Bar.

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