The VEGAS PREP 101 List

Pool Parties in Vegas
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The Vegas Prep 101 List

It may still be chilly in Vancouver, but in Vegas it’s officially POOL season! It’s time to get WET at hotspots like Drai’s, Encore Beach Club, and Marquee (all open as of March 4th!) Vegas virgins, we got you. We go all the time – we’re practically vets – so let us help you…look hot, and get through the unavoidable Sin City hangover!

  1. Bikinis

We mean, it’s a given. Can’t do Vegas without packing multiple bikinis. And when we say bikinis, we mean “glamkinis” which are always best complimented with a pair of 6 inch heels. The obvious recommendation for bikini shopping? Victoria’s Secret on the corner of Robson and Burrard.
















  1. Skimpy Dresses

When it comes to Vegas attire, anything bodycon, short, and with a plunging neckline goes. The tighter, the better.  How else are you going to get all those free drinks? Visit Bebe for your one stop-shop.























3. Spray Tan

We’re all about that base – tan. Pale and Vegas just doesn’t go. No one likes a pale b**** but you know what’s worse? A burnt b****. Spare your self looking like a lobster and pay You Tan a visit for a golden, organic spray!














2. Vitamin Packs

That morning Vegas hangover is a SOB. Seriously, nothing worse. Booze is a diuretic, which basically means you end up losing a shit-ton of vitamins from getting shit-faced. Luckily for you, you’ll be prepared and have packs of Vitamin C in your bag.  Hit up Body Energy Club for your dose of essential nutrients.










  1. Shades

Sunnies were made to protect your irisis and in Sin City, to shield you from the glare of your shame and conceal those “hangover” eyes. Because only vampires can get away with bloodshot eyes.

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