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The Best Places to Take a VEGAN Date

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Vancouver is overflowing with fantastic restaurant choices for vegan diners. Going beyond salads, quinoa bowls and mock meat, here are some great places to take your date that celebrate vegetables in all their many forms:

11  Tera V Burger
Get your vegan burger fix at Tera V Burger. With a variety of vegan burgers, sandwiches, wraps, and salads, they have you covered when you’re looking for a more relaxed date atmosphere.

Image result for Vancouver vegan date ideas Tera V Burger
Image Credit: Tera V Burger

10  Meet on Main (Meet in Gastown)
With two locations to choose from, it’s double the comfort when it comes to Meet on Main or Meet in Gastown. Here you can indulge in classic comfort foods like chili, burgers, fries and gravy, veggie rice bowls and mac ‘n cheese. Wash it all down with one of their craft cocktails that use house-made mixes and syrup or perhaps a glass of kombucha.

Image result for Vancouver vegan date ideas Meet on Main
Image Credit: MeeT on Main

Edible Flours
Located in Kitsilano, Edible Flours is an all vegan bakery serving up cakes, cookies, chocolates, breads, loaves and other baked treats. Come by for a cup of coffee or tea, a sweet treat and linger over good conversation with your date.

Image result for Vancouver vegan date ideas Edible Flours
Image Credit: Edible Flours

Zend Conscious Lounge
Snuggle up in one of the u-shaped booths with your date at Zend Conscious Lounge which offers raw and cooked vegan dishes. Beyond the food, it’s the first place in Canada to serve kava, a root used in the South Pacific to reduce stress and anxiety, if you and your date are feeling adventurous. As a social enterprise, 100% of profits are donated to a charity.

Image result for Vancouver vegan date ideas Zend Conscious Lounge
Image Credit: Zend Conscious Lounge

East is East
Enjoy the flavours of the silk road at East is East with dishes inspired by Turkish, Indian and Persian cuisine. Its intimate setting will whisk you and your date off on an adventure a world away. For something unique, visit their Main Street location on a Friday evening for their flamenco performances that accompany your meal.

Image result for Vancouver vegan date ideas East is East
Image Credit: East is East

From sushi rolls to curry bowls, Shizen-ya serves up healthier Japanese food with a variety of menu items for vegan diners. The restaurant can fill up quickly during peak hours so consider picking up their vegetable party tray and taking your date for a picnic in the park.

Image result for Vancouver vegan date ideas Shizen-ya
Image Credit: Shizen-ya

5  Nuba
Specializing in Middle Eastern cuisine, Nuba serves up fresh ingredients, sourcing organic and local produce when possible. Their La Feast sharing plate on the menu is perfect for enjoying with your date. Don’t leave before trying the Najib’s Special – crispy cauliflower tossed with lemon and sea salt that is so addicting you’ll want to order two.

Image result for Vancouver vegan date ideas Nuba
Image Credit: Nuba

Heirloom Vegetarian
Open for both brunch and dinner, Heirloom Vegetarian serves up tasty vegan fare in a beautiful contemporary setting. The menu features items from small plates like avocado fries and crispy cauliflower to larger plates like a vegetarian burger and curry bowls all made from locally sourced and seasonal ingredients. Alternatively, visit for brunch and be wowed by their tofu scrambles or pancakes and French toast.

Image result for Vancouver vegan date ideas Heirloom Vegetarian
Image Credit: Heirloom Vegetarian

3  Virtuous Pie
Virtuous pie features handcrafted plant-based pizzas made in-house topped with nut based cheeses made from cashews, almonds, and soy. Spot classics like Margherita or mushroom pizzas, but don’t be surprised to find kimchi and falafel adorning pies as well. And be sure to grab a scoop (or maybe a pint!) of their ice cream before you leave.

Image result for Vancouver vegan date ideas Virtuous Pie
Image Credit: Virtuous Pie

2  The Acorn
With a seasonal menu, no visit to The Acorn is ever the same. Vegetables are carefully crafted into beautiful and creative meals to wow you and your date. While typically only open for dinner, they also offer brunch on the weekends. They don’t take reservations so get there early or be prepared to wait.

Image result for Vancouver vegan date ideas The Acorn
Image Credit: The Acorn

1  Nice Vice Creamery
What’s a date without a little dessert? Made fresh every day, flavours range from the traditional like chocolate and strawberry to the unique like avocado matcha and maple rum raisin using organic ingredients.

Image result for Vancouver vegan date ideas Nice Vice Creamery
Image Credit: Nice Vice Creamery

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