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9 Vancouver MAKE-UP ARTISTS To Follow on Instagram

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Make-up artistry is the only thing preventing a world full of cake faces. It’s definitely an art to find balance between overly bare and overbearing. So whether you like a boho au naturale look or a dolled up glam style, it doesn’t hurt to get some tips and inspiration from the experts. Here are some talented freelance Vancouver make-up artists to follow on Instagram for your next photoshoot or night out on the town:

9 MIMI CHOI / @mimles

Mimi is an illusionist, visual artist, instructor and bridal hair & make-up artist.

8 ANITA NGO / @a.n.van

Anita is a make-up artist who makes personal connections with every client.

7 TIANA COSMETICS / @tianacosmetics

Tiana is a UVIC student, YouTuber and MUA who loves to play with make-up.

6 SAMANTHA RAVNDAHL / @ssssamanthaa

Samantha is a beauty and lifestyle YouTuber who travels and wanders wherever being a MUA takes her.


Kelseyanna is a Kat Von D Artistry Collective artist who promotes cruelty-free make-up.

4 TERESA HORNACEK / @teresahornacek

Teresa is a professional make-up and special effects artist who works in print, editorial, commercials, film and television.

after a 17 hour last day on set of #imaginarymary followed by b2b makeup appointments i'm all halloween-ed out! 🎨💀🎃👻 #vichylover

A post shared by PROFESSIONAL FREELANCE MUA 💄 (@teresahornacek) on


3 MONA SANGHA / @monasangha

Mona is a MUA, vlogger and major foodie who captures her work on YouTube.

2 GURP DHALIWAL / @captureeyesstudio

Gurp is a hair & make-up artist, photographer, YouTuber and owner of Captur-Eyes Studio.

1 TASHA VU / @pineapple_sunday

Ultimate cool girl/yogi/makeup artist Tasha works with her partner in creativity, talented portrait photographer Jamie-Lee Fuoco to create a series of fun beach shoots called Pineapple Sundays.  Tash has 20 years of experience in the beauty industry and will bring to light your best features.

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By Amar Mirchandani @amarmirch

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