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5 FOOD TRENDS to try around Vancouver (Because everyone else is doing it.)

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Foodies unite! It’ll probably take you longer to take the perfect picture of your food than to actually eat it, but that’s okay because we all love a little food porn.

Here’s five millennial-driven food trends that have taken the Vancouver food scene by storm:

5 Poke

Pokemon? No, just Poke! It’s the uber popular Hawaiian raw fish snack or meal with Asian influences. Build your own bowl or select a flavourful combo. Gotta eat em all!

There’s a ton of Poke restuarants around town, here’s just a few to try:

The Poke Guy
420 Richards Street

SPREADING ALOHA // One bowl at a time ✊ Order yours online now at THEPOKEGUY.CA

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Pacific Poke
625 Main Street
2366 Main Mall, UBC

Poke Time
148-1055 West Georgia Street
150-840 Howe Street
1258 Robson Street

Hooked Poke Bar
995 Hornby Street

The Poke Shop
306 Water Street #2

558 Dunsmuir Street
991 Hornby Street

4 Avocado Toast

“…the avocado is a food without rival among the fruits, the veritable fruit of paradise” – David Fairchild

Avocado Bay @ 1184 Denman Street

The English Bay guacamole house and beach bar serves up some delicious avocado toast one slice of sourdough or multi-grain at a time. Get your avocado fix with the fruit, beet or salmon toast plus fries or a salad.

Nelson The Seagull @ 315 Carrall Street

Bread and coffee in Gastown is all you really need. There’s avo and then there’s Avo on Toast.

Everyone has their own ratio, #eggs #avo #toast etc, but I must say this combo looks bang on 👌🏽 📸: @onlymekimberly ❣️

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Medina @ 780 Richards Street

There’s a number of dishes with avocado available like a paella or smoked salmon platter but a simple avocado toast will always hit the spot. Grilled focaccia bread with olive oil, avocado and tomato salsa + add eggs for a complete meal.

We like to party our hass off at brunch 🥑🎉

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3 Turmeric Shots

Shots, Shots, Shots, Everybody! Turmeric shots that is… for a time-old/trendy anti-inflammatory and immune boosting remedy.

Glory Juice Co. @ Various locations

Soup time! The organic Cauliflower Cashew Turmeric soup comes with house-made chia crackers and dressing. There’s also an organic smoothie like the Mango Maca which has almond milk, turmeric + ginger shot, mango, banana, maca, coconut oil and coconut nectar. Or try the organic cold-pressed juice:

Heirloom Juice Co. @ 2861 Granville Street

Do you even juice? Try the Fire Extinguisher for a little juice cleanse of carrot, orange, pineapple, ginger, lemon and of course turmeric. Or if you prefer smoothies try the Turmeric Raider with mango, banana, turmeric, coconut oil & water, ginger and lemon.

Fire Extinguisher with some added cucumber. 🙌🏼🍊🥕🥒 #juice #turmeric #heirloomjuiceco

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2 Charcoal Ice Cream

We all scream for ice cream! How about some filthy rich black ice cream with activated charcoal powder? #gothicecream

Mister Artisan Ice Cream @ 1141 Mainland Street

Grab a pint of the coco. The Coconut Ash Ice Cream is made with coconut milk, cream and burnt coconut bits that are grounded into a fine charcoal powder. There’s also a Vegan version of the ice cream with coconut milk and made-to-order black waffle cones!

Soft Peaks Ice Cream @ 25 Alexander Street

Take a bite out of an organic ice milk bar & swirl. Try the infused Maple Charcoal for a treat. You can add toppings and syrup at your pleasure.

It's not as simple as black or white. It's maple charcoal swirl 🖤 #activatedcoconutcharcoal #organicmaple #gothicecream

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Korean Taco

The ultimate fusion urban street food: Korean-Mexican cuisine! Grab a Mexican taco, burrito or wrap filled with bulogogi and kimchi mmm…

Tako @ 601 Expo Boulevard

Treat yourself to the delicious kimchi&Tofu Tacos today!

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Damso Modern @ 770 Bute Street


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By Amar Mirchandani @amarmirch
Amar likes his beer chilled and ranch sauce with pizza.

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