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6 Vancouver Fashion Designers To Inspire Your Summer Dress Wardrobe

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Welcome Summer ’17! It’s time for grads, weddings, soirées and a whole lot of fancy summer cocktails. That also means you’ll need to replenish your summer dress wardrobe for the season so here are some amazing Vancouver designers to give you some inspiration:

6 Grandi C.

Photo/Grandi C.

Grandi C. is the self-taught dressmaker behind the ‘Atelier Grandi’ who originally studied business and worked in the financial industry. Her luxury collections are known for being sleek and sexy art-on-fabric. The women’s custom-tailored garments are handmade locally making them perfectly fitted pieces. Design elements draw on history, elegance and chicness.

Photo/Summer Garden Dress (

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5 Rimpy Sahota

Photo/Rimpy Sahota @rimpysahota (Instagram)

Rimpy Sahota is a Canadian womenswear designer turned international brand thanks to her online store, imaginative collections and sophisticated looks. Her women’s “ready-to-wear” garments make fashion accessible, feminine and comfortable with free-flowing designs and silhouettes. Her palette includes creams, ivories, blacks, yellows and teals. All couture garments are designed and manufactured right here in Canada.

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Photo/Kiara Spring Rose Dress (

4 Alex S. Yu

Photo/Alex S. Yu (

Alex S. Yu is based in Vancouver, London and Taipei which allows him to converge various inspirations and eccentricities into his designs. His line is considered contemporary luxury street wear and stays true to modern femininity, textures and quirky shapes. It’s this “avant-garde experimental attitude” which brings life from sketch pad to wardrobe.

Website | Instagram | Twitter

Photo/AW2017 The Chromatic Diversion Collection (

3 Allison Smith

Photo/Allison Smith @shopwonderland (Instagram)

Allison Smith has yielded not one but two fashion lines after studying fashion design & technology and working in Montreal’s fashion industry. ‘Allison Wonderland’ was established in 1998 to celebrate the beauty in everyday life for a woman with fun, feminine and chic elements. ‘Pillar’ was established in 2011 to experiment with different Eco-friendly fabrics, design styles and personal lifestyles.

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

Photo/Iced Dress, Pillar (

2 Sara Armstrong

Photo/Sara Armstrong @saramstrong (Instagram)

Sara Armstrong is a men’s and women’s fashion designer recognized internationally for her RTW label and concept collections. Her formal sculpture training is intrinsic to pieces which carefully play on geometric shapes, simplicity and heritage craftsmanship. Her attention to detail and care for authenticity bring forth strong finishes and disruptive design.

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

Photo/SS16 Collection (

1 Connally McDougall

Photo/Connally McDougall (Alexandra Hahn Photography)

Connally McDougall has a foundation for design which stems from sustainability, ethical responsibility and modern approachable fashion. All pieces are made (with love) in Vancouver and use organic fabric, recycled materials, plant-based dyes and Raccangi zippers from Italy. Her minimalist approach towards fashion highlights her belief of high quality design over “fast fashion”.

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

Photo/Running Through Thunder, SS15 Collection (Al Smith)

By Amar Mirchandani @amarmirch
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