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15 Rad Vancouver ARTISTS that have our attention

neon art installation of a mouth by Caliden J. Robinson
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Inspired by the recent art installations, which brought color and vibrancy to our city (cuz we really needed it), we sought out the best artists in the city. We are by no means artists, but these incredible talents have captured our attention.

15  Jamie Bizness
Art: Sketch / Tattoo
Style: Ominous and Magical
Aside from being one of the best tattoo artists in the city, Jamie Bizness is also well-respected when it comes to the underground art scene. His work showcases his incredible technical skill and unique ability to lend sensitivity to his dark, twisted, and seemingly morbid pieces. On a personal note, he’s one of the coolest introverts you’ll ever meet.
IG: @jamiebizness

Artwork by Vancouver tattoo artist Jamie Business

14  Andy Dixon
Art: Painting / Music
Style: Romantic Renaissance
Complex and colorful, Andy Dixon’s work can be described as “Punk meets Picasso.” Which, kind of makes sense as he was once in a punk band. That punk sensibility is visible in his art through his primary use of pinks, yellow, and blue as well as in his ability to accentuate the imperfection of beauty.
IG: @andy.dxn

Hyper realistic painting of two women looking into a mirror by artist Andy Dixon)

13  John Ferrie
Art: Painting
Style: Whimsical / West Coast
John Ferrie’s work is bold and whimsical – chock-full of color and fun expression. This born and bred Vancouverite is a seasoned artist, his pieces receiving local and national recognition and exposure. He also has his own gallery Downtown.

Painting of an urban city landscape by Vancouver artist John Ferrie

12  Kelly Crawford
Art: Painting
Style: BC Landscapes
Specializing in creating vibrant PNW landscapes, Kelly Crawford’s work captures just how beautiful British Columbia truly is. Her work appears to draw inspiration from The Group of Seven – famed Canadian landscape painters – and iconic Canadian artist Emily Carr.

painting of trees in a forest by Canadian landscape artist Kelly Crawford
(Photo/Kelly Crawford)

11  Lauren Ho
Art: Fruit
Style: Fun
If you’ve ever attempted to perfectly peel an orange or any fruit for that matter, you know it can be tricky – even frustrating task. Making art sculptures out of fruit? Yeaaaa, leave that to the pros and when we say pros, we’re talking about fruit sculptor Lauren Ho. She’s been the talent behind The Juice Truck’s creative IG fruit art. She’s transformed some of our favourite fruits into Canadian flags, Snapchat codes, and even an adorable monkey to commemorate Chinese New Year!
IG: @fruitartbyloho

Pokemon themed fruit carving by artist Lauren Ho for Juice Truck

10  Andrew Tavukciyan
Art: Painting / Mural
Style: Dr. Seuss on shrooms
In his instagram bio, he describes himself as Sensitive Artist and although we’ve yet to personally meet him and confirm this, his art is wonderfully strange yet familiar at the same time, evoking all sorts of psychedelic emotions – putting your brain to work.
IG: @tavukciyan

eclectic painting by andrew tavukciyan

Edel Kirke
Art: Painting / Makeup
Makeup artist by day and painter whenever she has a free moment, Irish expat Edel Kirke uses art as her form of self-expression. She describes her pieces as a flow of emotions, representing an eclectic and at times abstract mix of things she feels and enjoys.
IG: @edelkirke

Black and white water painting of faces by Irish artist Edel Kirke

Corey Bulpitt
Art: Carving / Painting / Jewellry
Style: Indigenous
An avid painter and woodcarver, Corey Bulpitt (Born Taakeit Aaya which means “Gifted Carver) proudly represents Indigenous culture in his art through the use of several mediums, including spray paint. He’s worked under master carver Christian White and his pieces include many large scale totem poles including assisting on the 2010 Olympic Pole.
IG: @coreybulpitt

aboriginal carved art by corey bulpitt Carla Tak
Art: Painting
Style: Abstract
Contemporary abstract artist Carla Tak is all about the personal process. A mainly self-taught artist, her pieces are raw and intense, guided by pure emotion and intuition – each piece left to personal interpretation.
IG: @carla_tak

abstract acrylic by carla tak Rebecca Chaperon
Art: Painting
Style: Narrative
It’s all about perception for narrative artist Rebecca Chaperon. Each of her pieces tell a vivid story, stories that seem to come from a surreal, alternate universe yet give off a feeling of familiarity, an almost sense of nostalgia.
IG: @rebeccachaperon

painting of a crystal breaking by rebecca chaperon iHeart
Art: Stencil Mural
Style: Political / Satirical
A street artist with “nothing better to do with his time” iHeart specializes in creating art that makes a statement and that resonates with many, spurring meaningful dialogue. An artist who prefers to remain anonymous, he gained global attention after Banksy shared his stencil piece “Nobody Likes Me” on Facebook. We VERY MUCH like him.
IG: @iheartstencils

street art of girl being followed by 2 hooded men by iheart Mega McGrath
Art: Stencil Mural
Style: Street Script
Mega McGrath didn’t choose the art life, the art life chose her and good thing it did. This mega-talented babe has adorned the city with her scribe. Her illustrations fuse together art and Hip-Hop spanning across the walls of The Alexander in Gastown and can also be found at Fortune Sound Club.
IG: @megamcgrath

mega mcgrath street script artist Ola Volo
Art: Illustration
Style: Folklore / Historical
Her name alone sounds like art and because this list is spotlighting the raddest artists in the city, we obviously had to include Kazakhstan-born Ola Volo, an illustrator with a distinct style. Her pieces are intricate and elaborate, a patchwork of diverse narratives featuring animals, nature, and people. Find her work on the walls of several restaurants and businesses downtown as well as murals throughout Vancouver.
IG: @olavolo

illustrated painting of 2 women by ola volo Drew Young
Art: Painting
Style: Hyper-Realistic
At the forefront of the underground Vancouver young artists scene is artist and curator Drew Young. He has an expansive list of accolades but one of his most impressive to date was helping bring “fun” back to the city with the first ever Vancouver Mural Festival.
IG: @drewstuff

hyper-realistic painting of a woman by drew young Caliden J. Robinson
Art: Painting
Style: Neon Portrait
A professional observer of people, Caliden Robinson is a creative force in both the arts and fashion community. His paintings, Warhol-style, are largely inspired by beautiful women in Vancouver and have been purchased by numerous celebrities as well as being featured in various publications including Flare Magazine. His clothing line which is just as eclectic as his art has been carried in Holt Renfrew and Saks Fifth Avenue.
IG: @calchemist84

neon art of a woman smoking by caliden r

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