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Two Rivers Meats ‘The Shop’ Is Your New BBQ Spot

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Buy your steak and eat it too

There’s a newly-ish opened (last fall) deli ‘The Shop’ right inside a butcher shop ‘Two Rivers Meats‘ and it’s the most genius twosome ever. Get, chop, cook, then eat the meat all in 1 location, saving time and adding convenience.

BBQ vibes without the work

The second you walk into The Shop you’ll feel like you’re at a backyard cookout with the smells of dry-aged burgers, steaks and roasted chicken – all the highest quality ethically & sustainably raised products. You can even grab a seat at the communal style tables (inside or out) or at the bar and make new friends.

Grab your meat to go

Grab a meal while you’re waiting for your meat to be cut by the butcher. You can choose from several kinds of meats from the basics to the exotics.

Address| 180 Donaghy Avenue, North Vancouver
Website| https://tworiversmeats.ca/
Hours| Tuesday – Saturday: 10:00am – 7:00pm
Sunday: 10:00am – 5:00pm
Monday: CLOSED

Two Rivers Specialty Meats Ltd, 180 Donaghy Ave, North Vancouver, BC, Canada
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