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Games and Trivia

Don’t let a little Vancouver shower be a hindrance on your plans for fun! You can still stay dry and have a good time by hitting up these venues for laughter, games, and cranium activities galore for the most fun you’ve had in a long time!

5 Stormcrow Tavern
Known as Vancouver’s original NERD BAR, Stormcrow Tavern is all that and more.  A hub for anyone who enjoys board and card games, sci-fi, GOT, funky drinks, and an overall good time.

4 The Lamplighter Pub
If you’re a trivia fan, look no further than Lamplighter in Gastown!  Put on by Nice Guys Trivia Inc. Vancouver’s biggest pub quiz night takes place every Tuesday at 7pm with prizes and lots of beer!

3 EXP Restaurant and Bar
EXP is truly a gamer’s PARADISE.  Super rad décor, video game memorabilia, and creative Canadian eats and cocktails  – the perfect setting for the grown-up gamer.

2 Smarty Pantz
Grab a few of your best buds, and put your brains to work at Smarty Pantz escape room where you’ll have to find your way out of a series of interesting themed rooms.  Not a stroll in the park as you only have 45 minutes to “escape.” As fun as it gets.

1 Rock Paper Scissors
Get your rowdy pants on and your fists ready for the most fun you’ll ever have on a Monday night.  Pump up and get ‘hands-on’ with this wild competition, while being berated by the funniest men in the city.

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