There’s a Hidden Boutique Hotel in the West End You Probably Don’t Know About

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You’ve probably walked past a million times and didn’t even know. Neither did we. The Times Square Hotel and Suites was an apartment building that has been converted into full hotel suites so you feel right at home whether you’re on a vacay or stacay. What we love most about it:

7. Convenience

Location is key and this is prime real estate. From coffee to parks, bike rentals, restaurants and shops, the West End has it all and all within a few blocks of the hotel.

6. Apartment Feels

Once you check in, you get a physical key to your place and can come in and out without a lobby concierge judging your actions (or company). You get the feeling of being part of the city and actually living there.

5. Kitchen

For people on a longer stay or who don’t want to constantly eat out, there’s a kitchen with full-sized oven (big enough for a turkey), stove, fridge, dishwasher and stocked with all the dishes and utensils for a dinner party.

4. Living Room

Getaways mean time to chill and nothing beats Netflixing in front of a fire on a comfty couch.

3. Bedroom

A separate bedroom for privacy if you have multiple people staying with you and a giant cozy bed so you can sleep-in.

2. In-suite Laundry

Hallelujah! White looks good on you.. until you spill your wine on it. Or your work out clothes got sweaty from hiking, but you want to go again. This is your excuse and saving grace to pack lighter now that you can wash and rewear in the convenience of your own place.

1. The Rooftop

Above the hustle and bustle of the city is a small rooftop patio where you can BBQ, host friends, meet new ones or just relax and enjoy the westcoast views.

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