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Tapas For Sharing (Or Not)



Small Spanish savory dishes, typically served with drinks at a bar. You don’t have to visit Spain to enjoy great tapas (although, wouldn’t that be great??) In BC, we have a variety of share plate restaurants that serve up traditional Spanish tapas, to tapas with more of a West Coast flair! We went on a delicious adventure to test out some of the best bites in the city and give to you, The Tapas List!


  1. Bin 941

All of the trendy, and even more importantly, all of the tapas at Bin 941 on Davie St. Swanky, New York-style food and atmosphere is exactly what we’re all about. If it’s not the romantic vibes that gets you, it’ll be the giant plate of pommes frites or the Zaatar-crusted Halibut. “Good Food, Good Fun and Good Times” only to be had.


  1. Ten Ten Tapas

Take that Ten and multiply it by another Ten and that will give you the number of tapas we could eat in one sitting at Ten Ten Tapas. Whether you like Beef Tenderloin Carpaccio with truffle sauce or Coconut Curry Clams – you will definitely dig the wickedly talented musicians that play while you stare out at the ocean. Dreams do come true!


3. Homer St. Café

Cool, homey, and Parisian-esque, Homer St. Cafe and Bar is also the place for savoury, well-executed tapas! Our favs? The fried-chickpea dip and crisps and the maple butter pork belly!

If you have a party, you can reserve the Cock Room. We can’t tell you what happens in there, so on to the next..


  1. España

Like every romantic movie where they meet, enjoy laughs and fine food with finer wine. This is it. We found it. Not only is the food amazing, it’s fresh and local and ever changing to keep you guessing. Spanish food is not normally vegetarian-friendly, but their zucchini carpaccio is out of this world.


1. Bodega on Main

Proof that you don’t have to leave Vancouver to get a taste of Spain! Transporters do exist (and not just the Jason Statham kind). You will walk into an authentic Spanish tapas bar with the most authentic Spanish foods – we’re just missing the waves crashing against the brick walls…dammit

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