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TOP 5| CRAFT BEER To Satisfy All Hipster Urges

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Craft Beer To Satisfy All Hipster Urges

It’s no secret that Vancouver has a great craft beer scene that is constantly moving forward and expanding! So, we decided to hop on board the train to Brewville to bring you The Craft Beer List! “Hoppy” ending guaranteed!


  1. Biercraft

Is there such a thing as too much beer? Not at Biercraft where they have over 120 Belgian and craft beers and offer local cask beer pouring! We recommend starting at 1 and working your way to 120. (Not all in one day though, because then you’ll find out that there IS such a thing as “too much beer.”



  1. Portland Craft

Portland Craft Portland is considered a Mecca for craft beer in the PNW but for beer lovers in the lower mainland, the 6 hour drive down isn’t a regular occurrence. Luckily for you, you can enjoy Portland-inspired craft beers without having to make the trip down south at Portland Craft on Main Street where the artistry of quality beer is their main craft.



3. Bittertasting Room

Don’t let the name deceive you. There’s nothing bitter about this cozy little piece of craft beer heaven located on W Hastings. Choose from a large selection of craft beer from local breweries and truly experience flavours of the West Coast, one sip (or gulp) at a time!



  1. Alibi Room

The Alibi Room is no stranger to our listicles! We’ve featured them before (best wings!) and we’re shining the spotlight – or beer light? – on them again! This place is a craft beer aficionado’s wet dream. Since they first opened in 2006, owners Raya Audet & Nigel Springthorpe have transformed this modern tavern into THE go-to craft beer spot for locals. They’re known as a real “Free House” and have a variety of beers from all over BC and beyond!



  1. Craft Beer Market

The Craft: /kraft/ noun/ An activity involving skill in making things by hand. CRAFT Beer Market has mastered this skill and with Canada’s largest draft beer selection, including them in this list was a no-brainer. Sip from the glass or from the six pack sampler – either way, you’re guaranteed quality taste and a quality experience! (Take advantage of their Happy Hour M-F and enjoy 5 dollar draft beers!)



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