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The 7 Best Places to Get TATTOO REMOVAL

tattoo removal
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Have you ever wanted to erase mistakes of the past? For a large percentage of the population, these mistakes include tattoos that “seemed like a good idea at the time.”  Luckily, thanks to lasers, it’s easier than ever to go back in time.

Beautiful Canadian Laser and Skincare Clinic

3805 104 Ave #101, Surrey
Performing laser tattoo removal for over 16 years, you could say that BC Laser and Skincare Clinic is a pioneer of tattoo removal, originally the first clinic in Western Canada to operate the Medlite C6 laser that removed all colours of ink. In addition to their variety of lasers, they also use numbing cream to help ease the pain!

tattoo removal fromBC Laser and Skin Care
(Photo/BC Laser and Skin Care)


6 East Van Inc.

1839 Commercial Drive, 

At well-known East Van Inc., rest assured you’re in safe hands with Sara!  Consultations are free and laser removal packages are available to save you a few extra bucks! In addition to tattoos, the shop also offers removal of dark spots and birthmarks, freckles, acne scars, vascular lesions and wrinkles.

Prices range from $75 to $180 per session, depending on the colour and size of the tattoo.

5 Arbutus Laser Centre

 2025 W Broadway #106, Vancouver
Using three different lasers, including the newest Pico, Arbutus Laser Centre means business – and not just when it comes to decorative tattoos. They also specialize in removal of tattoos caused by accidents and the tattoos used for radiation markers in cancer treatments.

A consultation for tattoo removal is $75 and is applied to your first treatment.

4 Laserase Skin Clinic

1585 MacGowan Ave, North Vancouver 
The fun place, Laserase Skin Clinic is the trendy ’boutique’ of laser tattoo removal clinics! Don’t let their playful appearance fool you, this clinic is the first of its kind in North Vancouver to offer RevLite SI laser tattoo removal treatments. These treatments eliminate the entire spectrum of coloured inks on any part of your body so you can say goodbye to impulsive tattoos.

The treatments here are quick and the technicians will make you feel as comfortable as possible.

Laserase Skin Clinic in North Vancouver

3 Gastown Tattoo

105 W Cordova St, Vancouver 
One of Vancouver’s best tattoo shops, Gastown Tattoo offers a more collaborative experience, working with you to help cover-up or completely remove your tattoo.  If you’re looking to cover up your tattoo, it’s best to lighten it up first and the laser technicians at Gastown Tattoo will work with any artist of your choosing to make sure you get exactly what you need removed.

tattoo removal at Gastown Tattoo
(Photo/Gastown Tattoo)

2 Pacific Derm

 200-2425 Hemlock St, Vancouver
The highly trained dermatologists and laser technicians at Pacific Dermaesthetics specialize in using highly advanced lasers like the PicoSure laser, the fastest removal method currently on the market and highly effective with green and blue inks, and the super quick Medlite C6 laser.

Bonus: Prior to your procedure, the skin around your tattoo will be frozen using a local injection which means, a close to pain-less treatment!

1 Ink Off

1381 Kingsway, Vancouver
Although tattoo removal is accessible, it’s not always affordable. Ink Off on Kingsway has a 5 star rating on Google Review and many clients rave about the cheap prices and incredible service provided by Scott.

Pop in for a free consultation!

tattoo laser removal at Ink Off on Kingsway, Vancouver
(Photo/Ink Off)

Did we miss any? Let us know!

Gastown Tattoo Parlour, West Cordova Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Laserase Tattoo Removal, North Vancouver, BC, Canada
Beautiful Canadian Laser & Skin Care Clinic, 104 Avenue, Surrey, BC, Canada
East Van Inc., Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Ink Off, Kingsway, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Arbutus Laser Centre, West Broadway, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Pacific Derm, Hemlock Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada
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