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Once deemed a trade for the “nerds,” thanks to trailblazers like Steve Jobs and Sheryl Sandberg, tech has never been cooler.
Also once a boy’s club, women are at the forefront of the tech revolution like never before and there’s nothing more attractive than a woman who is intelligent and innovative. We employed the assistance of a few of our expert tech girlfriends (Thanks Angela Bortolussi @abortolussi) to round up a list of where they get creative in the city:

9  The Coffee Bar 
Cozy, quiet, and open, The Coffee Bar in Gastown is a favourite amongst techies to get, well, technical and more importantly – caffeinate.  Also a great place to meet potential clients and friends. We go for the Spanish lattes and the Turkey Cranberry Sandwich.

Exterior of The Coffee Bar in Gastown
(Photo/Cafe YVR)

Milano Coffee Roasters
Just like women are joining the ranks at the forefront of tech, Milano Coffee Roasters is at the forefront of coffee innovation on the West Coast.  With multiple locations throughout the city, Milano brews exquisite coffee (the best Americanos in the city in our opinion) and a calm atmosphere perfect for getting tons of work done.

Interior of Milano Coffee Roasters
(Photo/Erin Ireland)

Birds and the Beets
Surprise! Another café! If you haven’t yet realized, Women in Tech really love (need) their caffeine. The Birds and the Beets is a spacious and inviting café and eatery that almost serves as a co-working space and a great place to network.  (More so than their male counterparts, tech gals are social and enjoy striking up conversations when they’re not busy working away.) They also serve up good coffee, and the best cinnamon buns in the city.

Girls sitting and drinking coffee inside Birds and the Beets
(Photo/Birds and the Beets)

6  The Distillery 
The Distillery has been host to a few wine nights for ladies in tech post-work.  A fun, upscale space with a great menu and wine list, boozy cocktails, and a daily happy hour!

Interior of The Distillery Bar in Yaletown
(Photo/Dashing Date)

When Angela told us that CRAFT was one of her favourite hangouts we were like: “Okay, let’s get this right.  You’re brilliant and you like craft beer?”

People drinking beer at CRAFT
(Photo/Hello BC)

Brain Station 
Founded as a hub for working professionals, entrepreneurs and creatives with a passion for digital, Brain Station provides technology training and great workshops throughout the year. We recommend hitting up one of their regular block parties to mingle and interact with some rad people.

People mingling at Brain Station Block Party
(Photo/Brain Station)

3  Tech Vancouver Meet Ups
Vancouver hosts several Tech focused meet-ups including Tech Jeopardy! For a full list of upcoming Tech news and events, visit BCTechnology.com

People meeting up for work
(Photo/Google Images)

Tech Fest 
A one-of-a-kind recruiting event, employers gather together from across North America to pitch to potential employees why they should work for their company or organization.  With over 1000 in attendance every year, you’re guaranteed to make a few new friends, maybe even a possible love connection.

Attendees at Vancouver Tech Fest
(Photo/Tech Vibes)

1  Vancouver Start-Up Week 
Save the date! Vancouver Start-Up Week returns September 26-30th and is THE place to meet women interested in/pursuing a technology career.

atendees sitting in on panel talk at Vancouver Start-up week
(Photo/Launch Academy)

Did we miss any? Let us know!

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