5 Reasons Why RIPE RIDES Is Our New Favourite App

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Next time you’re trying to flag a cab down during rush hour (pretty much impossible) or just want to show up to a swanky event in style, you may want to consider Ripe Rides.  A Vancouver-based company, Ripe is a luxury car service that is a middle ground between taxis, limousines and transit.  Created by founders Otis Perrick and Ricky Goraya in 2012, it’s Uber 2.0. These are the reasons why we love the app:

5  It’s Legit 
Ride easy knowing that you’re getting into a fully-insured vehicle with a licensed and trained driver behind the wheel.  All drivers receive proper training and must go through a criminal record.

ripe rides driver opening door for customer
(Photo/Ripe Rides)

4  It’s Reliable 
The app is quick and on-demand. The wait times are accurate and similar to ride share programs like Uber and Lyft, you can track your driver and your trip on the app with real-time GPS. The app map also allows you to find the driver closest to you.

ripe rides app
(Photo/Ripe Rides)

3  Affordable Rides 
No surprises here.  You get a full break-down of costs so you know exactly what you’re paying for.  Enjoy the chauffeur experience without the private chauffeur price.  A little more than a taxi but cheaper than a limo, it’s best describes as affordable luxury. Riding with a companion? You have the option to go dutch on the bill. As soon as your ride is over, a breakdown of the charges and your itinerary, will be emailed to you. (There is a $15 flat rate per ride.)

Couple riding in car
(Photo/Ripe Rides)

2  Ride in Style 
Pull up to your next party or to your date’s place in a swanky Cadillac.  A comfortable, sleek and sexy way to get around the city.

Ripe Rides Cadillac
(Photo/Ripe Rides)

1  User-Friendly 
Book, ride, and pay all through your smartphone.  Whether you have an iPhone or android, the app is simple to use, and gives riders the option to rate their driver and overall experience.

Learn more about Ripe Rides here:

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