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REDAVID Hair Products Are Changing The Industry One Hair Strand At A Time

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We got 99 problems but our hair ain’t one of them. This local hair remedy is shaking up the Canadian beauty industry with their revolutionary orchid oil product known as Redavid.

The Redavid orchid oil line cares for the most unruly and damaged hair, whether you have dry, damaged, colored, frizzy, curly hair, it will be your miracle cure. Here’s what we love most about it:

5 It’s Universal

It’s an all-in-one solution for all your hair needs whether you have fine hair or extremely damaged since it’s light and won’t way your hair down.

4 It’s Not Sticky

It’s easily absorbed and leaves your hair smooth and soft, not like other sticky hair products.

3 Save Money

Helps preserve your color and texture so you make less trips to the salon for treatments and touch-ups.

2 Natural Ingredients

All naturally-derived ingredients that won’t leave your hair tripping out over chemicals and bi-products.

1 The Smell

Fall in love with yourself. Seriously.

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