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There are 7 RAD HOMBRES coming to Yaletown this Friday

Bad Hombres art exhibition
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For one night only, experience the works of seven local and diverse artists through a medley of eclectic mediums, ranging from dynamic photographic dreamscapes, to wicked light activated art.

Taking place at The Space, An Art Gallery in Yaletown, The Rad Hombres Exhibition is hosted by Absolut Vodka and is not your average art show. (The modern day Group of Seven – but way more rad.)

The following artists make up this bad ass-roster:

Kristopher Grunert

Dynamic photographic dreamscapes

dynamic photographic dreamscapes of Kristopher Grunert
(Photo/Kristopher Grunert)

Jason Dussault

Iconic mosaics

Jason Dussault artwork

Zebulon Austin

Thought-provoking light activated art

artwork by Zebulon Austin

Dani Kremeniuk

Photo stories

Dani Kremeniuk

Ben Tour

Precise illustration and watercolour

Ben Tour artwork
(Photo/The Tour Show)

Brendan Meadows

Technical photographs

Brendan Meadows Photography
(Photo/Brendan Meadows Photography)


Political satire and dream girl installations

Caliden Robinson artwork
(Photo/Caliden Robinson)

Follow the exhibit to the after party at The Parlour where there will be more art pieces and even more vodka.

Date: Friday, October 20
Time: 6pm to 11pm
Location: 1063 Hamilton St

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