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OMBRE LASHES Are The Next Level Makeup Trend

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Ombre hair was such a trend because you could have some fun with out the full commitment (kind of like most people these days). Next step – fun on your face. Ombre lashes have begun trending and here’s why we love them.

5 Color Pop

Get the opposite or matching color to your eyes and you have an automatic boost that will bring out the color of your eyes.

4 No Work

I woke up like this – for real. Clothes, bun, breakfast and you’re done.

3 Festival Season

It’s not about what you DO at a festival, it’s all about what you WEAR and colorful lashes will top anyone’s festival fashion game.

2 Matching

You can now match your lavender ombre hair, to some lavender ombre lashes. Who doesn’t like to be matchy matchy?

1 Coverable

Not everyone’s boss or prof or teacher will approve (in fact probably most, unless you’re a trust fund baby – and then you’re parents probably won’t either), sooo throw some mascara on and you’re back to normal. Only you know you’re fun little hidden secret.

You’re sold and want to get them done?

Joanna Keller Beautique
Address| 161 East Pender Street, Vancouver BC


Joanna Keller Beautique, East Pender Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada
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