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7 New Vancouver VLOGS To Follow

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Video log, blog, journal, diary, whatever! Just call it a vlog. The phenomena dates back to the early 2000’s and has evolved over time from its beginnings as a complimentary tool to blogs. Now it’s a staple medium of communication and entertainment on YouTube and makes up more and more of our digital content consumption.

Here are some new Vancouver-based vlogs to follow:

Amanda Wong

Amanda Wong (Twitter)

Twitter | Instagram

Amanda Wong is a video journalist and television host. When she’s not travelling and immersing herself in different cultures she also likes story-telling:

6 Becki and Chris

The Uncommon Law (Facebook)

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Becki with an ‘i’ and Chris are two Newfoundlanders living in Vancouver for a year. They make weekly lifestyle/travel vlogs plus DIY/home décor videos:

Vernice Tan

Vernice Tan (Facebook)

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Vernice isn’t new to YouTube as she makes regular fashion and beauty videos. She did however just start creating ‘vern vlogs’ this year to give her viewers a look at her daily live as a digital influencer and content creator:


Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Chengman (Twitter)

Known for playing an ‘Asian gangster’ and pulling off prank videos, Ryan “Chengman” Cheng recently made the transition from comedy into the lifestyle and fitness genre. He’ll be documenting his athletic journey in hurdling:

Keep Moving Forward

Keep moving forward (Twitter)


Chris and Carla sold all their stuff, quit their jobs and came out West with their 2 teenagers a few years ago. Along the way they gained some personal, marriage and parental growth. They recently started vlogging their adventures and experiences:

Cole Doran

Cole Doran (Twitter)

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Having recently moved to Vancouver, editor and filmmaker Cole Doran has been posting regular vlogs in and around the city:

Bradley Friesen

Bradley Friesen (Facebook)

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Bradley Friesen has started incorporating vlog episodes into his main channel which features epic helicopter and cinematic collaboration videos. Viewers get a real behind-the-scenes look at Bradley’s adventures:

Thinking of starting your own vlog? Check out the locally produced Vlognation for information and guides.

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By Amar Mirchandani @amarmirch

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