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Pick-Up Wednesdays| Male ATHLETES

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In a city as active as Vancouver, there’s no shortage of fit people. We have a large population of athletes, both male and females but we’re focusing on the men for this Pick-Up feature. If you’re looking to scout a physically gifted man, here’s where you’ll find him:

Kits Beach
The well kept basketball and tennis and permanent volleyball courts draw countless athletes of all ages to Kitsilano Beach. A hub for the fit and physically gifted particularly during the annual Kits Festival.

Basketball player dunking at Kits Beach
(Photo/Paul Yates)

Richmond Olympic Oval
Built for the 2010 Winter Olympics, this speed skating oval also serves as a multi-purpose, state-of-the-art indoor sports arena, filled with athletes and sports enthusiasts from around the city.

Inside Richmond Olympic Oval
(Photo/Richmond Architectural Review)

West Oak 
Owner of West Oak, Peter Girges sure knows how to make all of his guests feel welcome, especially when it comes to the elite which is why so many big name athletes frequent his restaurant, including members from the Whitecaps.

Peter Girges and NHL Athletes at West Oak
(Photo/Vancouver 24 Hrs)

Republic Nightclub
Find athletes celebrating post-games/victories at Republic on Sunday nights where the music is good and the service notch.

Interior of Republic Nightclub
(Photo/Panther Group)

Twelve West
Another popular destination and Peter Girges affiliated venue, Twelve West offers athletes a VIP night out on the town in a stylish venue filled with beautiful women.

Blondes at Twelve West
(Photo/Twelve West)

If there was ever a brand created to perfectly fit the multi-discipline athlete, its local Vancouver clothing company RYU (which stands for Respect Your Universe).  Located on West 4th just off Burrard, the staff at RYU are all athletes in one area or another and the store even has its own fitness space, with regular classes and bootcamps open to the public lead by industry professionals.

Store front at RYU on West 4th
(Photo/Modern Mix Vancouver)

3  Whole Foods
Shop all the healthy goods and manly goods (if you know what we mean) at Whole Foods, particularly the Cambie and West Broadway location.

Storefront of Whole Foods Market on Cambie
(Photo/M&L Painting LTD.)

Body Energy Club
Always busy, Body Energy Club has several locations throughout Vancouver filled with products and supplements for those addicted to fitness and leading healthy lifestyles.  If you’re attracted to super built guys – this is going to be your new favourite hangout.  We go for the smoothies. 😉

Body Energy Club on Davie St
(Photo/Yogi Advisor)

1  Studeo 55
Looking for the ultimate gym membership and a possibility to meet killer athletes? Look no further than Studeo 55. This one-of-a-kind fitness facility trains members in different formats that include effort, practice, progression, inspiration, science and coaching. At the very least, you’re guaranteed to end up with an insane bod.

Gym at Studeo 55
(Photo/Studeo 55)

Did we miss any? Comment below and let us know!

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